Sunday, 8 September 2013

All Creatures Great and Small

Tuesday was the first day of school for S and she was very happy to be going back again. She practically skipped down the landing to her room at bedtime happy in the thought that the next day she would be seeing all her friends again.

She is now in Year 4 with a teacher who is new to the school and all was fine and dandy during these first days back.

T went back on Wednesday. I had to return to work on Wednesday and as T had a late start, not needing to be at school until 11.30, I had to leave him to ready himself. I didn't feel particularly comfortable about this but T had no such issues.
This photo was taken at the end of the school day rather than the start but it's still a record of his beginning Year 9.

Knowing that he can sometimes leave getting organised to the very last minute (sometimes second!) I left him a list of what he needed to do and when he needed to be ready by as I could easily envisage him frantically looking so something crucial with a minute to the time he had to leave and me getting a phone call at work. 
When I got home from work I found this very hastily scribbled note from him which he did just as he was going out the door. I thought it was very sweet of him, it's little things like this I hold on to when he's being a 'teenager.'

Those two are the Great creatures and now to two Small ones.
Don't scroll down if you don't like mice or bats.

Yesterday morning I went to a jumble sale where I scored a huge bag of clothes for S and another good haul for my sister. I have had so many good finds recently I must get around to doing a post, or two, about them.
In the afternoon we wandered down to the local nature reserve for their late summer fair. It was their 25th anniversary celebration and we were expecting a bigger than normal fair but it actually turned out to be smaller than normal.

We spent a little time talking to someone who runs a wildlife rescue centre.

There was a tiny little mouse in a big glass case who was constantly on the move, running around and in between all the foliage and corn stalks, each time returning to the blue dish full of food.

There were lots of people gathering around her to look at this baby bat. She really was the sweetest little thing and so soft which we found out when we got to delicately stroke her back.

A day indoors is on the cards for today. It's currently pouring down with rain and is forecast to be like this on and off for most of the day. Still it means there is plenty of time to get those first pieces of homework done.


  1. Awww, what a lovely note from T. It's nice to keep a record of all their first days as you do. Cute littls mouse and bat. It's been non stop homework here since Eleanor went back to school and she's still got more to do today.

  2. Happy school starts all round, that's lovely. Hope they both enjoy the rest of the year! We're still getting sorted for school. That's what happens when the 15 year old remembers what he did with his PE kit!

  3. That's a keepsake note if ever I saw one.
    I like bats & mice so no problem here !

  4. That note from T is lovely. It must be hard letting them do things for themselves, like get everything ready for school, but I guess you just have to let them get on with it. I know I'll find things like that very hard, control freak that I am. x

  5. They have grown up so much. Its amazing what boys can actually do when they have to - I hope you enjoyed your day at work too. xxxx

  6. Although I am not keen on either mice or bats (bats are just biker mice with their leather wings!lol) they both do look cute!

    Glad the return to routine and school went ok. All was fine with us last week until this morning and my youngest got very tearful and clingy. No idea why she has not been like that since she started nursery. Poor thing.

    Aww lovely note from T its nice to have such things to hold onto when the teenager comes to visit.

    P x

  7. I used to love going back to school too.
    My brother had pet mice when we were young, so I have no problem with them. Not so keen on bats though.