Monday, 16 September 2013

More Rhinos

This weekend went by so quickly, I can't believe we are at Monday morning again.

We had a guest this weekend. G had invited his mum to come and stay.
As it was the heritage open days weekend and she had never been to the Tudor House museum before and it was one of the 4 events on in the city (poor show really Southampton for such a big city) we combined a little visit with tracking down the rhinos at this end of town which we hadn't seen yet.

The museum is just visible at the top of this photo along with Rosie the rhino.
She is definitely one of my favourites, so colourful.

I have been to the museum a couple of times but I don't recall seeing this ship figurehead before.
It dates from the 1800's and paint traces show she would originally have had a blue jacket and yellow shawl and hatband so she would have been dressed as a sailor from that period.

Another extremely colourful rhino, this one is outside the ruins of Holyrood Church. Love this photo, everyone is looking at the camera and looking happy!

This chap is stood on a mound looking out towards the Isle of Wight car ferry terminal.

It was very busy around this end of town at the weekend because the Southampton boat show had just started.

Another firm favourite. You can probably guess that this one is sponsored by the Dock board. We loved the rhinos being hoisted up by cranes.

There are still more to find and we are planning one more trip into town this weekend coming because the final day they will be on show is next Sunday.


  1. It's a great event, I wish there was something like this here. Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. The rhino's are wonderful, will they be there for much longer? Our gorillas have gone now I believe and we never got to see the last few.

  3. The 2nd rhino is my favourite. The Go Go Gorillas have now gone, gone, gone.

  4. We missed them in the summer! We never made it to Southampton at all! But it has been good to see them on your blog.

  5. Such fun ! Thank you for showing us... I live so near but did not see them.

  6. I think that there are less events than when it first started. You made the best of it though - those Rhino's cheer a place up, so colourful. xxxx

  7. Those rhinos are brilliant! It looks like a fun day. x

  8. Oh wow those rhinos are just amazing! I like the first one best too, but they are all so colourful and brilliant.
    Hope you had a good summer Lisa - am slowly catching up with all the blogs I missed during the summer - its hard to make time for the computer when the weather is so good outside!
    Gill xx

  9. You certainly couldn't miss those rhinos could you?! I think the one with the rhinos being lifted up by cranes is vey clever too. x

  10. Hope you are Ok Lisa.

    I've seen a few Rhinos now.
    Blog meet set for December 5th; hope you can join us xx