Monday, 2 September 2013

Goodbye School Holiday, Hello September

A final round up of our last week of the summer holiday.

Tuesday of last week we went to Salisbury. T had travelled up the day before and stayed overnight with his Grandma. G and S went straight to his mum's whilst I had a wander around the town centre and my little trip to Lakeland.

When we came home and I went to the church to take my dad some flowers T took himself off to the local co-op to buy some food to make our tea and also a bunch of white roses for me. As if I hadn't cried enough already, his thoughtfulness was so very sweet.

Wednesday and Thursday were fairly quiet. One of S's best friends has recently left their Junior school as her family had moved house and so they hadn't seen each other for a couple of months. S was excited to find out she had been invited to J's new house for a sleepover. I took S to her friend on Wednesday afternoon and she came home again late afternoon the following day. Tired but happy.
T enjoyed having me and G to himself. We played Kung Fu panda on the Kinect until T could hardly breathe because he was laughing so much.

We had planned to go swimming on Friday but as the venue was outdoors and the weather was overcast we changed our plan and headed down to Southsea instead.

Our first stop was the amusement arcades where the children had the best time ever, as demonstrated by this happy smiling face.

Out of the 2p machines they both managed to get a lollipop

and by working together they also managed this little haul of goodies. Happy children.

No-one wanted to go on any rides but we did watch others and hear the them scream!

Sunday morning we went to the car boot and I got some really fab things, more of which I will pop in another post, but here is my least expensive buy at 10p, a dotty top for me.

S and I finished off her giant sized sun catcher today. We used a hula hoop as the frame and stuck different shapes of coloured tissue paper to a backing of greaseproof paper. A length of ribbon was taped on the back to hang it up from her bedroom window.

In between the sticking we did some baking using the tub of blackberries G's mum gave us last week. We made a blackberry and yogurt loaf, a perfect way to greet the new month.


  1. And a good time was had by all!
    I used to love the penny slot machines in my childhood. And that suncatcher is awesome!

  2. I love S's hat, in fact I want it! That sun catcher is fab too.

  3. What a great week you had, so much fun. I need a hat like S's, I love it. I've never seen such a big sun catcher, that's a great craft project, so effective. It's sad to see the back of the school holidays, it was a bit weird sending only one back to school today, I still haven't got used to the fact that Daniel's now left.

  4. Looks like those last few days of the summer hols were spend having fun, just as it should be!

    Wow that suncatcher looks really cool bet the colour it casts with the sunshining through is amazing.

    P x

  5. That is an immense suncatcher!!! Those flowers were so thoughtful xxx

  6. Sounds like you've had a busy summer holidays, Lisa. I love S's hat in the first pic. I'm quite sad it's back to school this week, I don't really want it all to end! x

  7. Lovely post full of love & sharing.
    Gorgeous sun catcher and spotty top.

  8. That giant sun catcher, is inspired! I love it, the colours are really wonderful.

    It looks as though you've had a wonderful summer holiday and I hope the return to school goes smoothly. x

  9. Hello September, Hello fairs, Hello fall!