Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday 23rd November

It's still a couple of months away but this paricular Saturday evening in November is one we are all eagerly looking to.

Reason being it's the date of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.
Very exciting stuff.

As with all very exciting events there needs to be food and drink to accompany it and this one will be no different.

There will also be Dalek straws.

I was in Lakeland last week and couldn't resist buying these items from the new Doctor Who range.

We already have a Dalek cookie cutter so I'm sure there will be biscuits and to go with them we will have cakes topped with, among others, K9, the Tardis and one of G's favourite baddies The Weeping Angels.

Can't wait!!!


  1. I have seen the Doctor Who range in a Lakeland catalogue and was a bit excited but I thought the prices were a little high. I'd love some Dalek straws. We are DW fans too :)

  2. Can't wait! I have a countdown on my phone and I think we'll be having a family party to celebrate as well! Of course now you've shown me this stuff I'm thinking we need some straws, some dusting guides, definitely the ice cube tray and the chocolate mould...
    Is the teapot too much or just enough?

    I am dreading showing my daughter. ..

  3. Oh no! What have you started? I am off to queue outside Lakeland right now!!!! AAAARRRGHHHHHHH, obsessed does't get near it!!!Me and the Faraway Littles have an ongoing love affair and fan club going across the miles....Peter Capaldi? Discuss...


  4. This sounds a lot of fun. We are looking forward to the next Dr Who series.
    I do have to giggle as I think the current Dr looks like a friend's husband !

  5. Oh so funny to have a Dr Who party, what do you think of the new Doctor?, we're not sure.

  6. I do love a themed party! xxxx

  7. The Weeping Angels are my favourite baddie too. I have to admit to dropping Dr.Who since Matt Smith took over, he just ISN'T Dr.Who and makes me want to turn over. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new one will be like. I think those Dr.Who straws are brilliant.

  8. I wanted Bill Nighy! Random I know but there you are. I suspect PC will be great after the grieving for Matt is over....and that will be a long period of mourning, I am planning Queen Victoria style black and purple for at least three years...oh and possibly withdrawing to Osborne House...but not with Billy Connelly...