Friday, 16 August 2013

A Quieter Week

We have been out this week but it's been for appointments rather than nice little trips, not exactly exciting but necessary.

We weren't sure whether or not to go to the car boot on Sunday. It was cloudy and grey and there had been a few light rain showers first thing. I sent my mum a text to find out if she and my sister had gone and let me know if it was worth it. She replied saying they were there and it was busy so we decided to pop along for an hour.
I'm so glad we did because for one whole pound I bought this little shelf. I have been wanting a proper old printers tray for a long time but they can be pricey. Once this has had a little makeover and the pink has gone it will go up on the wall in the dining room. At least I think that's where it'll go.

The other thing I bought which I was really pleased with is this charcoal grey throw. It needed a good wash and has come up looking fab. T will have this at the bottom of his bed for an extra layer of night time warmth when the colder weather comes. Both children like extra throws and fleece blankets on their beds I suppose they like the snuggly comfort feeling as much as I do with mine.

After the booty we stopped at my sister's for tea and biscuits and she showed me these boots she had bought. 'They are a size four but a bit for a big four, but at 50p I couldn't leave them there,' she said.
I said they were just the kind of thing I was looking for for the autumn/winter to go under my jeans and asked if I could try them on. I'm a size 5 but they fit me perfectly and they are so comfortable too. She said I could have them and before she could change her mind I had whipped out 50p from my purse to pay her the money she had spent on them. Result.

I had to take my mum to a hospital appointment on Monday afternoon so our day was built around that. A walk in the woods first which led us to tracking down another rhino. This one is opposite Hampshire Cricket Ground and is suitably decorated with cricket balls and cricket pads.

There were also a couple of ladybirds painted onto the legs which we liked because of it's heartshaped spots.

Tuesday saw another trip to try and buy school uniform. I normally buy this from Sainsburys but I had already tried two of the stores and wasn't having much luck. I didn't want to have to resort to ordering online either because S has grown so much recently I needed her to try clothes on to judge the right fit.
We managed to buy trousers which was one thing ticked off the list and I wanted some ice cream cones to try out this idea. I bought the ones we needed but couldn't resist these cones as well. Too cute. I nibbled his ears off first when I ate mine!

I do like the Tu clothing and jewellery ranges at Sainsburys. As I was looking at the school uniform I just had to browse the rails and saw they had a few pieces of jewellery in the sale. I was very pleased with this corker of a ring reduced to £1.00. I like big rings but can't always wear them as my fingers aren't long and elegant, I definitely inherited my dad's hands (and his legs but that's another story!).

Another hospital appointment on Wednesday and this time it was for S. She had to have a check up to see if the cryotherapy treatment had been successful on the granuloma she has on her top lip. It has shrunk to such a very tiny dot and because it is now so very small and it doesn't give her any pain or discomfort we are going to leave it as it is. Hopefully it will continue to shrink but should it return, apparently there is a very small percentage chance that it will, we can go back for more treatment.
Going over to the other side of the City meant a little stop of in Wilkinson's. I do like this shop for picking up odds and ends.
I keep a notebook in my handbag at all times which I use for keeping track of presents I've bought for family and friends and also gift ideas. The one I had been using was falling apart and so it was time to buy a new one. Mr Foxy here fit the bill. They were selling a mug with him on which I very nearly bought, maybe next time.

Yesterday morning was spent tidying S's bedroom. Earlier in the holidays we had gone through her bookshelf and her wardrobe. She sorted through lots of toys she no longer wanted and we have some for the charity shop and some for friends who will be becoming adoptive parents very soon.
Love these fly vision glasses!
See the tooth, front left, sticking out at an odd angle?
Well it's not there anymore!
Our appointment for yesterday was with the dentist and she had the wobbly tooth out in a jiffy.

Today we spent the morning meeting up with friends at a new soft play centre (exciting) and this afternoon it's a hair cut for me and a grocery shop (necessary) which seems to sum up the balance of our week.


  1. I love the big ring, and if that's your hand it looks very elegant! And a rhino near the cricket pitch painted with balls - oh dear, I'd never hear the end of it - is it being auctioned at the end like our gorilla's?

  2. I love that printer's tray, what a bargain for £1. There's so much you could do with it - paint, wallpaper - and such a nice way to display bits and bobs. You found some great things! x

  3. Lovely post, I really like the throw boots & your ring ( fab nails - I bite mine ) I have had a printer's tray since eighteen & love it.

  4. Hi J&J you have the keenest eye and a stylish one at that. I'm sure you could beat Kirstie A at any thrifty game! Cannot believe those boots xxx

  5. It may have been a quieter week but you've still got plenty of news to share. I love the printer's tray, I read of someone getting a bargain on ebay recently, I think I'll have to watch out for one. I love the rhino, that's the one we'd have had to go looking for first to cross off the list, being cricket themed. Glad to hear that S's treatment has gone so well. We always try to fit appointments in to school holidays too, though I think we're all done with them now.

  6. Wow some good finds I would love a printers tray x

  7. You've been busy, but you also have lots of cute stuff! Love that ring and foxy card!

  8. Great finds - your sis may live to regret giving those fab boots away. I too love Tu at Sainsbury's - especially for jewellry bits and bobs xxxxx

  9. Bargains! Got to love them! And sometimes weeks of errands are what you need to make the golden weeks even more special.