Monday, 26 August 2013

In and Out

Another week of the school holiday has slipped by and I have been a bit lax with the picture taking.

After a quiet day in on Monday we all went out on Tuesday to meet up with my friend G and two of her children for our annual afternoon at Netley Abbey.
G and I sit on picnic rugs and chatter the time away whilst the children play hide and seek and generally lark about.
These two photos were taken by T.

Wednesday was another day spent indoors as S woke up with a sore throat and a bit of a cough and generally just feeling a bit blah.
She spent most of the day in bed snoozing.

Thankfully the rest did her a world of good as on Thursday we were off out again with my mum, my aunt and her two little grandchildren, my cousin and her two children to the country park and I knew S was excited about that.
The children had a fab time together playing and blackberry picking but unfortunately I forgot to take my camera. 

Our plan on Friday was to go into town and treat ourselves to breakfast, pop to IKEA to check out bedroom furniture ideas for T and then finish the rhino hunt. We managed the first two of those things. IKEA took way longer than we really wanted to spend in there but at least we had a good breakfast! 

And so to the weekend. Each day S spent some time painting and making, each day T played Minecraft and each day we had to pop out to the shops and do some normal run of the mill shopping and stuff.

Although Sunday we did also manage to squeeze in a trip to the park to feed the ducks and enjoy the sunshine for a while.


  1. Fun times by the sound of it, hopefully you'll get the rhino hunt finished, we have about 5 of the gorillas left to find in Norwich.
    A trip to Ikea is on my to do list as I've never been but it's quite a trip to the nearest.

  2. Gorgeous as always. Ive been trying to get to IKEA all summer!! xxx

  3. Why does Ikea always take longer than expected? We thought we might take a trip to sort out Daniel's uni purchases, but we've thought better of it. I'm hoping we can pick up most things elsewhere. Netley Abbey looks fun, these places are great for hide and seek. I don't know what Minecraft is, that's something which has passed us by. It must be good if T has spent so much time on it though. Only one week left of the holidays now, it always goes so fast.

  4. Ikea is the tenth circle of hell, I am sure of it. It must be years since I've been, but I can feel a need for magazine files coming on me, so I may have to bite the bullet. I need a good friend and a slice of daim cake when I'm there!