Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Few Days Away

Last Sunday G, T and S took part in the City's annual Skyride.
 Certain parts of the city centre are closed off to general traffic so those on bikes, unicycles, tandems and roller blades can whizz around the circuit as many times as they like.
Once my three had done with the cycling we picnicked in one of the parks. When all the goodies had been polished off it was time to go home again where I could start packing our cases as we had a few days away to look forward to. 

We knew we wouldn't be having a foreign holiday this year and we thought we would probably just have a few days out when G was off with us during the school break. As the summer holiday approached we began mulling over the idea of some time away. With G's job issues we thought we probably shouldn't but then the situation also made us think well maybe we should go! 
There were a few searches made on the internet mulling over various options. As I won't drive far from home we had to go somewhere we could reach by train. In the end we booked a Monday to Friday break at Pontins in Camber Sands. Both G and I had been to Camber when we were younger and we had both had holiday camp holidays when little too.
Now if I am honest when we arrived we did wonder what on earth we had done! The whole site is shabby and not in a chic way!
But saying that we did have a good time. After all it's what you make of it that counts.
The price we paid was the same as a week self catering at other holiday parks we had looked at which had less on-site facilities and our deal was for half board which meant we would only need to buy food for lunch. I knew it would probably mean that the children would be eating chips all week but at least I wouldn't be cooking them or doing the washing up afterwards.

Booking in time starts at 4pm and unfortunately the whole procedure took well over an hour because they were so disorganised. It was ridiculous really as after all this is what they do week in and week out.
Once we finally got to our chalet and unpacked we decided to go and have our evening meal and then it was time to find the beach which was a five minute walk away.

The children couldn't wait to get down to the sea. They love being at the seaside and as soon as we were on the beach they were in for a paddle and within minutes they were splashing each other and larking about which made my heart soar.

Tuesday was a rainy old day. We still took a walk down to the beach and got blasted by the sand as the wind whipped it across the dunes towards us! Some time was spent in the indoor pool, sometime was spent reading, some time was spent snoozing. We also introduced the children to the 2p arcade machines which they loved.

Wednesday was a bit overcast to start with so we decided a trip into Rye would be a good idea. 
It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest places I have ever been to. I took loads of photos and I could have taken so many more but I didn't want to sow down everyone too much as we strolled around.
Each house has a very individual look, the large picture in the mosaic was once the boys grammar school.

Lots of little things to notice as we wandered the streets such as architectural features, shop signs and overflowing window boxes.

There just had to be a shop there with this name.

Here's something that everyone has heard of associated with the sea and expects to see.

And here is something else everyone has heard of but one which you don't expect to see, a mermaid.

Interesting doors made with glass

and wood made from planks of a ship.

I wanted to buy a little momento from Rye and decided one of these tea towels would fit the bill. I should have gone in and bought it there and then but we were on the hunt to find somewhere to eat lunch and that was the priority. I thought I would nip back and get one afterwards and of course then there was no time. I shall order one online instead.

I really loved this window with the union jack bunting. I don't know if you can read the scrabble tiles but it says WELCOME TO OUR WORLD HRH PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE.

G's hot chocolate at lunch in the little tea room we found, he said it tasted as good as it looked.

The weather was nicer in the afternoon and so we took the new buckets, spades and ball to the beach and spent a lovely few hours playing games and watching the tide come in.

Thursday was the best day weather wise, sunny all the way so it was down to the beach for more sandcastle building and swimming in the sea.

This photo I took on Monday evening and it shows the little pools which are left on the beach when the tide goes out and they were so warm on Thursday, just right for dipping your toes in.

S said she had an awesome time, T said he had enjoyed himself too (said in a typically understated teenagery type way!) and for me and G that is what it is all about.

Friday was mostly spent travelling home again and then once home loading up the washing machine and shaking out the sand which had got everywhere!
Happy Holidays.


  1. Seeing your pictures of Rye brought back nice memories of staying at Jeakes House there,a birthday present from me to Mr Boo.
    Glad you had a happy holiday Lisa, and came home with some lovely memories along with the sand!

    Bellaboo X

  2. We went to Pontins at Camber Sands around about 1979/80. I remember a LOT of sand lol.
    My brother used to spend a lot of time in Rye as he had friends there.

  3. What a lovely break, we did a Butlins break a few years ago much to the teenagers disgust - they all secretly enjoyed it though! Glad you managed some sunny weather time on the beach & the hot chocolate looks fabulous!

  4. Camber Sands sounds familiar to me but I really don't know if I've ever been or have just heard the name. I'm glad you managed a break and had a lovely time :)

  5. I think it all sounds perfect! I love British seaside holidays although I have to say I don't know that area very well. Those scrabble tiles on the window sill are so charming, what a lovely thing to do. x

  6. Rye looks delightful and the beach perfect. Shame the camp is run down but glad to hear you all had a wonderful holiday.

  7. Sounds like a lovely break away, despite the not-so-salubrious surroundings, Lisa. Lovely picture of S on the beach. Glad you all had fun. Will loves the 2p machines, as well! x

  8. i love rye and spent a lot of time there as a child with an aunt. never mind that pontins wasnt up to scratch, looks like you all had a fun time together and after all thats what will be remembered.x

  9. Hey obviously we didnt make it to the skyride!! Sorry I missed you x
    I have never been to Camber Sands?
    Beach looks nice even if the town was crappy. So glad I put my washing out today...NOT!!! xxx

  10. I think those smiles say it all, you all had a fabulous time. You're so right, a holiday is what you make it, and it sounds like you all got so much out of this one, afterall, spending family time is the main thing. Just been catching up on the posts I missed while I was away. Happy belated birthday, I'll be joining the 45 club too in four weeks. Love the card from G, and the gift too, I can't wait to hear all about that in November. I love those hairy heads in your last post. I've been seeing T grow up in post after post but it seems to be happening to S now, and she's got her ears pierced. Eleanor had hers done when she was nearly 10. I'd always said that she had to wait until she was moving to secondary school, but she had a tooth out at the dentists to make room in her mouth for a second tooth coming through so I relented and said if she was good for the injection, she could have them done. I have to say that she's not that bothered now, she often doesn't have any earrings in but her ears don't heal up. Everyone will know what to buy S for birthdays and Christmas now, there's some lovely earrings about.

  11. Lovely holiday posts! I love holidays in Britain. And your pictures are making me keen for my own break! But I pity you the washing mountain. ... sand *shudder*

  12. Oh, for a beach nearby! So nice to live vicariously through you. I love that beaming photo of Miss S, and all of the town and sea scenery. And that is quite a sultry mermaid!

    Meanwhile, I am holidaying in the corn fields of Iowa...

  13. Glad to hear you had a good break. We once had a holiday to Pontins at Rhyl many years ago and the kids loved it. I love the seaside wherever it is :) Your pictures are lovely :)