Monday, 19 August 2013

Bowie and Biscuits

Sunday morning started with bacon muffins for everyone. Not something we have very often but after reading Angie's post  and seeing her breakfasts I decided we should indulge in some this weekend.

With a picnic all packed we left home just before mid day to catch the train to Salisbury. We were meeting up with G's mum and sister at Elizabeth Gardens, a ten minute stroll from the station.
Unfortunately we appeared to have left the sunshine in Southampton as within 15 minutes of arriving it began raining.
We decided to take shelter under a tree and by the time everyone was gathered and the food was unpacked the rain stopped.

The reason for our visit was a free outdoor concert by Bootleg Bowie. There had been a couple of others earlier in the summer I would have liked to have seen, jazz and Romanian Gypsy, but we were busy doing other stuff and as G loves DB it meant we got to one of them. 

There was another shower halfway through the act, but the combination of the company, the music and the views to our left

and to our right couldn't possibly dampen our enjoyment.

All in all a very nice way to while away a Sunday afternoon before heading back home.

Geraniums in a window box spotted as we were leaving the station.

Today S and I have been busy in the kitchen.
First off we baked these Cheerio muffins, no photos I'm afraid I forgot.

Next up was biscuit decorating.
I opened up a packet of digestive biscuits and mixed up some icing.
S added the food colouring and then we got busy with the sprinkles.
My biscuits on the left.
S's firework inspired biscuit on the right.


  1. How lovely, great entertainment without costing the earth - that's my kind of entertainment (as is David Bowie!)

  2. I can just imagine you boogying away xxxx

  3. Sounds good, those biscuits are such a simple idea, I bet S had a great time decorating them!

  4. Looks like a lovely Sunday afternoon!

  5. Those biscuits take me back - a favourite make with my two & their cousins on holiday at Granny's.

  6. Whoops - sorry if I lead you astray with the breakfasts. Bet it was nice though :)

    Oh those biscuits remind me of when my boys were little, we often used to make those. Such an easy and fun thing to do.

  7. You HAVE been busy. Mmmmmm bacon muffins...I could do with one right now. The "David Bowie" event sounds excellent. xx

  8. Oooh, now you've got me craving bacon baps. What a shame about the rain on Sunday, but at least it didn't dampen your enjoyment, glad you had a good time. Such a fun activity, decorating biscuits.

  9. It's nice to change the breakfast routine now and then! I am glad that you enjoyed your day out with the family. Decorating biscuits sounds like a good plan - and then eating them afterwards of course!!! x