Saturday, 10 August 2013

A park, a farm and a walk

This Keep Britain Tidy poster spotted at the country park made us all giggle when we saw it on Thursday.
We had a day in on Wednesday waiting for T's new bed to be delivered and then me attempting to put it together, so we were ready for a little trip out the next day.

The country park had once been the site of a military hospital and they had a self guided trail to show how many different jobs there would have been during this time. My mum joined us and together we shared a picnic, did the trail and enjoyed an ice cream.

Our pass to Manor Farm is due to run out within the next few days so with G being off with us on Friday we decided to pop out there for a couple of hours in the afternoon. T didn't want to come with us so we took a friend of S's and the girls had fun feeding the chickens.

G has bought a new point and shoot camera which he took with him. He was taking random photos to just get used to the settings and he took one of me stood by one of the farm fences. Back home with the photos downloaded I asked him (vainly!) how the photo of me turned out, 'Good' he replied and this is the one he showed me.
Cheeky boy!

No wonder this sow was sound asleep these are her babies and she is probably exhausted by them.

Beautiful golden sunflower in the cottage garden.

The girls weren't that fussed about looking round the farmhouse so I nipped in quickly, it was busy so no photos except this one, a pretty wicker basket full of laundry.

Our plan for today was for a day trip to Southsea for various activities going on down there but due to various sleepyheads unable leave their beds we had to abandon that idea.
What to do, a day at home or not?
Out came the box of leaflets with ideas for places to go. We picked a local-ish walk and just over an hour later we were on the train to Totton. 
It's a five minute train journey from the main station in town and then a ten minute walk, past loads of very nearly ripe blackberries, from the station the other end to start the 2 mile walk.

We walked past the Eling Tide Mill and over the toll bridge and very soon found ourselves in a lovely open green space with cows to the right

and a very different view to the left, the container terminal at the docks.

This has to be one of my favourite photos ever of S. You can't see them but she has a mini cuddly toy stashed in each pocket of her hoodie, so sweet.

From the field we took a path up by the side of the church, through the churchyard

and round to the front of the church where a wedding party was gathering.

Love this dolls house looking home situated exactly opposite the church.

The end of our stroll took us across a boardwalk through reeds

over a wooden bridge

and then along by the rivers edge back to the mill.


  1. Ah nuts nevermind, we were having a lazy day doing nothing xx

  2. Sounds like a good day to me. I love when you get to see industrial and natural sights together, it's so British!

  3. What a serene (and cheeky!) post!

  4. Sounds like a a few good days to me! The piglets are so cute :)

  5. Great to see the Piglets - mummy pig was expecting when we visited ! I love it at Manor farm too.
    What a wonderful walk. I agree, sweet photo of S. My brother always asked why I took lots of photos of the childrens' backs when they were young. So endearing - deep in thought & looking out for things rather than posing I told him !

  6. You've had some lovely days out. I'd love to visit Manor Farm, I like places which show a bit of history, and animals are always a hit with me. I think G was very cheeky showing you a photo of a pig, but she is a lovely pig when all said and done, and those piglets are just sooo cute.

  7. Love the poster too, bad man showing you the sow. I love the peace of staring at sleepy piglets, not farm visited yet this summer. Sounds like some great days out. Keep on having fun. X

  8. That is the best poster I have ever seen!


  9. Just catching up with you - my, you have been really busy!! I love piglets. Glad to hear that your holiday panned out well in the end. Rye looks worth popping on my list! Lots of love from the north xxxx

  10. Well it looks like a lovely walk, even if you did have to abandon your plans to go to Southsea. You've certainly been making the most of your local area this summer. x

  11. Lovely shots! The washing basket looks so beautifully staged why do I find laundry so alluring when, in fact it's a chore? So happy you are all having a lovely summer. As for the pig gag...naughty!!!!

    Love Sarah --x-x-x--

  12. Haha love the poster - your days out always look lovely x

  13. Great poster! The piglets are so cute (I won't mention Bacon!!!!) X