Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bottom Half

One day last week I loaded up my shopping trolley with another batch of items from our home we no longer needed and trundled off to the charity shop.
I very nearly got out without making a purchase but the colours in this Marks and Spencer skirt caught my attention as I cast my eye over the clothes racks as I was leaving.
I liked it even more when I looked at the price tag and saw that it had been reduced to £2.00.
When I was little we always had a new outfit to wear Christmas day and it's still something I like to do.
I particularly like the velvet green ribbon and would love to find a top this shade to go with it.

I've been lucky enough to have a couple of little jaunts out Christmas shopping during my time off and am very nearly finished with my gift buying. I am planning on sharing a couple of my favourite present ideas soon, but now I'm off to have a cuppa and enjoy my first festive bakewell tart. 


  1. That is a lovely skirt, and even better at that price!

    I haven't given Christmas a thought yet, I'm normally very organised and have bought presents by the end of November at the latest, but this year I'm not doing well at all. I'll look forward to your gift ideas and hope they might provide some inspiration!

  2. That's nice to have a new skirt for Christmas. I haven't done much shopping or any prep. It'll all come together ... soon !

  3. I've been donating to the charity shops just lately too. The skirt is lovely, green seems to be the in colour just now. Looking forward to hearing your gift ideas, I have a friend who is really hard to buy for so I need some inspiration.

  4. Fab skirt and love the Christmas plate. Waiting with baited breath for a peek at your this years Christmas Combo! xxxxx

  5. You do find some great bargains Lisa. The Christmas plate is lovely. I hope you enjoyed your festive bakewell! x

  6. Hi Lisa,

    It's always nice to find a bargain my son blames me that he shops like a girl always going to every shop and 9/10 returning to the first in order to get the best price for what he wants. Skirt looks lovely and I'm sure you'll find a nice top to go with. Finally I'm sure you must be due to start your new job and just wanted to wish you good luck.

  7. That skirt is gorgeous. You always find such nice things in your local charity shops - you have "the sight" as my friend would say! x