Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It's time for another one of those catch up posts.
 All the things we've been doing recently, big and small, in a round up to bring this online diary up to date, starting with S.
During the first week back after half term S went to a Halloween disco at school. Fancy dress was optional and S decided to combine her spider web head dress with her favourite black and white party dress. Best of all she loved her star patterned tights.

S was nominated as Super Star of the week on Friday. Her teacher wrote this about her.
S has been a wonderfully kind, thoughtful and grown up member of 4HM since day one. She always works hard and is often finishing quickly, ready to challenge herself with the next task. She listens to every instruction and carries it out without a fuss to the best of her ability. Sge tries her best to include everything that has been taught in her work, even when it is a little bit tricky. S is an example to all and a lovely person to have around. Well done S for being wonderful:)
We are so very proud of her.

The same day S had her disco T had an off timetable day at school and the activities included baking cakes which he shared with us and were quite delish.

He was invited round to a friend's house to watch a Halloween light display, five or six songs were linked to a light show featuring singing skulls. Apparently the family do this each day to raise money for charity. 

It's not often T finds anything with his name on, so when he spotted this on a recent shopping trip I bought it for him. It was such a happy coincidence his birth family chose the same name as my dad, I love that they share that.
The biggest event for T is his recent two day school trip to Ypres.
The coach left at 5.30 on Thursday morning and they arrived home again at 7.30 Friday evening. It was a full on two days with visits to two cemeteries, museums, the Menin Gate and a chocolate shop. He was so tired but when he said to me in the car on the way home 'mum, it was really, really good' I could hear how much he had enjoyed it in those few words.

Last week flew by for me. I met friends in town for coffee and a catch up, I did some Christmas shopping, G and I had a day off together and I went into the school where I'll be working for a tour around the building and an introduction to the staff.
On Thursday evening me, G  and S went into town as the Christmas lights in one of the shopping centres were being switched on. In a very happy coincidence we bumped into friends of ours who have recently become adoptive parents and whilst we sat and chatted with tea and mince pies the girls sat together watching a Punch and Judy show.

It was lovely watching their faces when the lights went on and thousands of pieces of foil paper was released to shower down on us.

Saturday S and I went to a Christmas fair held at the City College. It's situated right next door to St. Mary's church, which is where our City's football team got it's name from.
There was a lovely festive feeling at the fair as we shopped to a local music society singing I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas. I will show what I bought another time.

And last but by no means least, here we have G's mum on Sunday opening her birthday card from G and finding out he is taking her to the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace and then on for afternoon tea at the Hilton. Well it had to be a special present as it was her 80th birthday.
Grandma was wonderfully generous and took 17 close family and friends out for a delicious 4 course meal at the Grasmere Hotel. She wanted to celebrate her day with those important to her and those who have helped her through a very hard year since she Grandad passed away last December.It was truly a day to remember with good food and very good company.


  1. Lisa that was a lovely catch up. S looks gorgeous in her party dress & spider's web hairdo ! How lovely T shares his name with your dad.

    You do some lovely things. I haven't been to a Christmas fete yet.

    What a wonderful present for Grandma; she looks very content reading her birthday cards.

    Good luck with the new job ( guess you can't come to Winchester now ? )

    Lovely happy post x

  2. great catch up lisa...s is very beautiful isnt she? i love that ordinary life is somehow quite extraordinary and we all delight in lifes simplest pleasures....family and friends

  3. What a lovely newsy post. S looks fab for her Halloween disco and she's wearing such a pretty dress. The teacher said some quite wonderful things about her, that must make you so proud. Well done, S. I didn't know that T had the same name as your dad, that's quite a special coincidence. What a fabulous present you got for G's mum, she must be thrilled to bits. Glad she had a good day.

  4. Well done S on being such a superstar. Glad T had such a great time in Ypres. It is a very interesting place. What a lovely birthday for G's mum and a wonderful day for you all. Thanks for the catch up, Lisa. xx

  5. Make me cry why don't you! S is certainly a superstar - having met her I can say that for sure. And T is an extra special and very fine young man. you have been truly blessed with a very wonderful family Lisa - but I know it didn't just happen - I know you work very hard at making such a wonderful family. Off to find a tissue! Lots of love to you all xxxxxxx

  6. You've been very busy with so many lovely family occasions, and you've made me smile tonight too. S is growing up so fast ... what a lovely award. I'm sure she deserves it. You'll treasure that forever. Did T come back from Ypres with lots of chocolate? My son came back with bags full when he went there in secondary school.
    Christmas is coming so fast isn't it!

  7. S sounds like a real super star, she must be a delight to teach, I've worked with children like her and it has always been a real pleasure to help kids like that :)

    Sounds like you've been having a lovely time recently. The birthday sounds like a great family celebration.

  8. Well done to S! That's brilliant, I bet you were proud. You've been up to some lovely, festive things. And how generous of G's mum to take you all out to lunch on her birthday, what a nice lady! x

  9. Much loveliness in your life Lisa! I am glad. I am especially thrilled to read all about what a gorgeous girl S is....Brilliant, you are all an inspiration,
    Sarah --x--

  10. PS I meant to say well done to S for the super award. What wonderful comments & glad T enjoyed the school trip. You must be so proud of both of them x

  11. Sounds like you've been having a busy time, Lisa. Such pretty Christmas lights. And S is growing up fast, isn't she? x

  12. Ahh well done to S! Glad to hear T's school took them on that trip, we did it when studying A Level History many years ago.