Friday, 29 November 2013

First Week

Although it's early Friday morning I have already finished the first week in my new job. 
Today is an inset day and we are going in for staff training so it won't be a normal day.
But just what is a normal work day for me now?
 Incredibly busy for a start!
My head has been spinning all week and even though I am tired I haven't been sleeping well. There is so much to take in, as there always is with a new job.
It's very different to my old job, although that was busy too, this is a different kind of busy.
If I'm being honest I have to admit I'm not coping well with being the new person who knows nothing. In my last job I was the one people asked when they needed help. 
G says I am a bit of a control freak (tell me something I didn't know!) and I need to try and relax over the not knowing and just accept I will make mistakes and I can't learn a whole new job in one week.

I haven't been near my camera since Sunday and so the only photos I have to share whist I update my week are from our little walk around the park after we had been to a craft fair in search of Christmas presents.
I'm so glad G came with me as he was able to choose the gifts we are giving his mum and sister this year.

The park looked beautiful, lots of browns and golds.

As well as busy afternoons at work most evenings have had something happening too.
Monday was my sister's birthday so there was a visit to her for chatting, cake and presents.
Tuesday G and I went to see Russell Brand.
He does like to roam around the audience and I was only four people away from him at one point.
He is completely outrageous at times.
 He is incredibly articulate at times.
He is utterly mesmerising all the time.

Wednesday was quieter and a bit of this months book club book was read.
Last night G was at T's school for parents evening whilst I went to S's school for a meeting about a residential school trip she is going on early next year.
G heard the same things about T as we have heard before, if he pushed himself a bit more he could accomplish so much more. They all say he is polite (and quick to apologise if he isn't!) but with his options coming up he needs to step it up a bit.
S's trip sounds like it's going to be huge fun. A three day WW2 evacuee themed trip away in the middle of the Dorset countryside, exciting stuff.

Even though I love the golden tones of the autumn trees I do like the stark look of the bird and the sky in this photo.

Happy days.

There was also an extra nice surprise in the middle of the week when I had a visit from Clare. It was so lovely to see her again. 
And look what she bought with her. 
A present for me.
Made by her own fair hand.
The prettiest star garland to adorn the dresser in the dining room.
Clare makes the most gorgeous quilts and if you haven't discovered her blog then pop over and prepare for a feast for the eyes.
Thank you for my garland Clare, you are a star and I love it.


  1. I hope you settle into your new job soon, I know how hard it is to be the new person who doesn't know anything. Lovely pictures from the park, especially the bird against the sky. I love seeing silhouettes like this in winter. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Such a pretty garland and goes beautifully on your dresser.
    The bird photo is amazing & I like the one with the orange leaves against the grey background.

    I imagine it's overwhelming to start working in a busy school especially at this time of year, but lovely to be involved with the build up to Christmas.

  3. Your new star garland looks fab on your dresser, what a lovely gift. It sounds like you've had such a busy week, no wonder you're not sleeping well, you haven't had chance to wind down. I'm sure you'll settle in to your new job better soon, it isn't nice being the new girl, but you'll soon fit right in and it will feel as though you've been there years. I think most teachers tell parents that their kids could do better if they tried a bit harder, I got it all the time with Daniel and I get it with Eleanor too. Well done to T on his manners, I think their behaviour when they're not with us is the most important thing, along with their happiness of course. Can I fit in S's suitcase? That trip sounds fab, she'll have a wonderful time.

  4. Hey Lisa,

    I am sure you will settle into your new job in time. It is always daunting being the newbie anywhere. But give it a month or so and I bet you will be really enjoying yourself.

    I loved the picture with the black bird on the bare branches too. Call it the goth in me! lol.

    I do like Russell Brand though I think I would be a chicken to sit in an audience with him stalking about. Too cringy I would think!

    That garland is very pretty indeed and looks lovely on your dresser.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    P x

  5. I would never have known you were a control freak?
    Glad you like your stars, though they dont have to hang on your dresser!
    Which btw looks a little sparse lol!
    Hope next week rolls along better for you xxxx

  6. I was in tears at the end of my first week! Give your self a chance to settle. You'll soon be in charge again!

  7. I'm sure you will settle in just fine. In a few weeks you'll feel like you've always been there. My daughter has just changed jobs, and she feels exactly the same.
    School is always mad at Christmas time ... enjoy the ride!

    I love your star garland ... it's so pretty!
    Have a good week!

  8. I'm a control freak too! It's not easy 'not knowing', but I'm sure you'll soon be up to speed with things.

  9. The first 2 weeks in any job is always a bit of a mare. You feel like the stupid new girl who doesn't know where anything is, and when you go from a job where everybody knows that you know everything, its a million times worse. But hang in there and I bet by the Christmas holidays (which will be a fabulous bonus for you) you will feel far more at ease and by the February half term holidays, you'll be an expert. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. It's always so hard being the new one, especially as you are just longing to prove yourself. I remember the feeling. It will get easier. The bunting is super!!!! X

  11. Hi Lisa, I'm just having a catch up so sorry this comment is so late! I hope you are settling in to the new job now. I can really sympathise with your situation as before I left my school in July, I'd worked there for over 11 years and I was like you - the person that knew where everything was, knew all those little but important jobs that needed doing and the one everyone came to for help, but I left it all behind and went into schools where I was the new person and didn't know anything! It was so hard! It's going to be a long, long time before I feel comfortable and useful in a job again.

    Anyway, I hope the job is going well - I know what it's like to work in a school office as I used to help in there too at my school, there will be so much to learn and take in!