Friday, 17 January 2014

Brooch Fest

Earlier this week I was really pleased to have been able to spend half an hour sorting out some my jewellery which had got into a right old pickle.
I bought this multi pocketed holder from Ebay last year. 
It's brilliant.
 It folds over the horizontal part of a clothes hanger and is held in place by a row of poppers. 
It can then be hung up in your wardrobe out of sight. 
This is a good thing so it doesn't clutter up the bedroom but also a bad thing because when it is out of sight I tend to just shove things in randomly when I'm in a rush and then it gets messy. 
But not now, now it's nice and tidy

and an extra bonus is I found a mistletoe brooch I had forgotten I had. It's a shame I didn't find it a month ago as I could have worn at Christmas. Will definitely have to make sure I keep things tidy this December.

A new addition to the brooch collection is a beach hut and beach umbrella design which Father Christmas very kindly put in my stocking.

And on the summery theme I'm looking forward to being able to wear this kitsch couple together. 
The lolly I've had for a while but the sunglasses are newer.
They were a chance find inside a basket of random items sat on the counter of a charity shop, just goes to show it's always worth having a rifle through the randomness.


  1. Ooh! Organised is lovely! Looking forward to seeing the brooches over the next few months x

  2. I love the way you've grouped similar things together. My jewellery is such a muddle. I have the same things which I wear most days (the good stuff), then the odd bit of costume stuff for when I go out. I wear brooches more, on coats or cardigans. I need to give mine a good overhaul! x

  3. Looks like a work of art!
    Still love that lolly!

  4. Such cute brooches, they're all lovely. What a great idea that holder is, it will keep everything neat and tidy.

  5. What jolly brooches now easy to see, get out & wear !

  6. It looks like you have a fantastic collection. Brooches are not something I've ever worn, I don't really know how to wear them - not that I have any. Now they're all organised, I hope you'll be able to wear lots of different brooches and share them on your blog too!

  7. What a great idea, I love that little lolly too.

  8. Ooh that plastic container is such a good idea. I could do with something like that. The lolly brooch is so cute. Xx

  9. That looks very impressive. I dont have too many brooches but I keep them pinned on a linen heart I made which hangs from a hook on the bedroom fireplace. I am very envious though of your lolly and sunglasses. they are wicked! x
    Thanks for popping by today and for the good wishes.x

  10. You are getting very organised!! You'll meet yourself coming back! And you'll be able to find anything! xxx

  11. Thats a great way to store your brooches and see what you have without rummaging!
    Love the cute little sun umbrella one!
    Gill xx

  12. Love that jewellery holder, Lisa - it's EXACTLY what I need. Am off to Ebay to look for one right now! x

  13. I ADORE fun jewellery like this!!!! The lolly and sunglasses will be so cool together! If you wear them in the school office, I guarantee you will have children admiring!! They love novelty jewellery too! X