Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lots of Good Things

I knew when I said I wouldn't be able to blog everyday about my 'good in very day' I was being realistic but I didn't think it would take me this long to post again!
So here follows a good thing or two from everyday so far.

2nd January
I finally got around to sorting out the huge haul of presents from my sister which all came inside this Christmas pudding decorated sack. My favourite item of clothing from among the various tops, cardigans and t-shirts is this dark green knitted top decorated with polka dot bows.
The family sign is now living on the mantlepiece in the dining room.

                                                             3rd January
Two things from the third and each a Christmas present. First up was a couple of rounds of a game which we gave T for Christmas called Who, What, Where. You draw three cards and you have to draw the person doing the thing in the place named. This was one of G's drawings which we had as Dawn French, playing badminton at Gracelands. 
Turns out it wasn't Dawn French but Mother Theresa!

Second happy is the delight on S's face when she ate a ice pop from a whizz pop. The frozen pop twirls as you eat. Simple but fun.

                                                           4th January
A small bag of donations were dropped off at our local branch of Barnados and as they have recently changed their pricing policy so everything is only £1.99 an item I had a quick look round and found this pretty cotton Monsoon skirt which will be fab in the summer.

                                                               5th January
Time spent outdoors! A walk through town but going the scenic route through the parks gave S an opportunity to run along walls, at what age do we stop in delighting at walking along walls?

You can't really tell from this photo but the bread roll this bird had snaffled was as big as his head and he was doing it's utmost to keep it away from the other birds!

A sad sight was this magnificent tree broken into three pieces by the recent weather conditions.

We were quite surprised to see the water flowing in the fountain and it always reminds us of the time one boiling hot day we went there with T when he was little. He was determined to go in and get soaked even though he didn't have a change of clothes, but in he went anyway and we have a photo accidentally taken at such an angle so it looks like the water is spurting out from his behind!

The angel on the memorial to the Titanic engineers.
Don't blink, whatever you do don't stop looking at them........... 

A new plaque dedicated to Craig David spotted on the wall outside a music venue near the Guildhall.

                                                          6th January
G and I completed a jigsaw S gave him for Christmas.

                                                             7th January
The first purchase made towards my sister's birthday present. I had to pop to the Co-op and saw that one of the many charity shops I had to pass on the way was having a half price sale. It would have been rude not to have popped in I reckon. 50p spent on this Apple Sauce dish.

                                                8th January
Each Christmas we send a card along with a letter and some photos to each of our children's foster carers. This last Christmas it was one of the things I didn't get done and I felt bad for not doing it, so I purchased a couple of Happy new year cards and eventually sent those off instead. When I got the photos printed I made sure I got one that had both T and S in to go inside a new frame I was given by friends for Christmas.

                                                              9th January
Clean plates after trying out a new recipe is always something which makes me happy.
I cooked a roasted butternut squash and chicken risotto. It also contained leeks, pepper and sweetcorn. I love it when the children eat veg and don't complain.
Only thing is I didn't take a photo but it was a good moment all the same.


  1. I quite like a round up of happy moments and it looks like there's been lots of them. I'm loving that skirt and the picture frame, risotto is one of my favourite things to eat although I've never ever made it, sounds delicious!

  2. This is such a nice idea. It's helpful to seek our and acknowledge the good things in each day, as they are always there. You've celebrated some happy things here - that monsoon skirt is lovely! And I like the sound of that risotto. x

  3. What a nice idea to document the 'happy' in every day. This will be so good to look back on at the end of the year.
    I like that Monsoon skirt too. I have a Monsoon dress which is probably my favourite thing!
    We enjoy anything cooked with butternut squash!

  4. We should never lose the love of wall walking. It's like a rainbow, it should always lift the heart and give us a kick as we realise wall walking is like life; some of us climb higher than others but we're all balancing and hoping not to drop!

  5. I love the sound of that game & T's drawing is inspired !

    Wonderful gifts given & received; you have made a wonderful home and thank you for inviting us in x

  6. So many happy moments, I can tell that this year is going to be a good one. T's game sounds like one that Eleanor would enjoy, she loves drawing games. I love your new photo frame, and the blocks that it's stood on.

  7. Its is a good idea a round up of happy moments. This time of the year its easy to focus on the drab and dreary.

    Love the skirt you found. And laughed at the drawing which you all though was Dawn French! lol.

    Hope you have many more happy moments.

    P x

  8. Oh I never blink near statues of angels!
    Love your new skirt and the photo of the split tree is really dramatic. x

  9. Argh too many things to comment can I remember!
    I recognise that wall and sad about the tree!! Love the game and that sauce pot...did you notice your fabric in my quilt?

  10. A lovely start to your year and I love the idea of documenting one happy moment each day.

  11. I still balance on small walls, kick fallen leaves, balance on garden edging and scoot along on shopping trolleys at supermarkets.
    Love from Mum

  12. Lots of great and not just 'good' things! Great drawing! x

  13. Looks like there's lots of "goods" happening in your life!

  14. Sounds like you've made a good start with your happy moments for 2014. The watching of old films has certainly started a debate at work and the list of old films that everyone remembers.

  15. SUCH a great post! I love the diversity of your days! I can never resist a fountain either! I once had to sit through a church service at All Souls church in shopping clothes because I'd chosen to have a water fight with a stranger at Trafalgar square!!