Friday, 31 January 2014


I never had to wear a uniform in my old job.
 I was able to wear my own clothes but I wanted my work wardrobe to be different to the clothes I normally wore. 
I took to wearing a uniform of my choosing which would always be either a black skirt or pair of trousers along with a selection of tops which could be worn all year round.
Once I had these things on I was in work mode, doing a job I knew inside out and could do with my eyes closed.

When I changed job I saw no reason to change the way I dressed for work as I looked smart and presentable enough.
 But since the return to work after Christmas I haven't been keeping to my self imposed uniform so much.
I think it's because where the job is still new and I'm not fully settled or fully confident I want something I feel a bit more 'me' in.

My mum gave me this long length tank top for Christmas and I would never have considered wearing to my old place of work, it would have been a definite weekend wear only, but I wore it to work this week and I'm glad I did. It made me feel more comfortable being me.

Does any of that make sense? Or does it make me a bit strange?
Although, granted, this headless shot does look more than a bit strange but I was struggling to get a photo where I didn't have at least three chins!

Very pleased that the necklace given to me in our secret Santa present swap at work goes so well with it. Bonus.


  1. That's a great look Lisa.

    In my new job we have to wear clothes bought in the shop....

    ...only joking but we do any way !!!

  2. I know what you mean. I didn't have a uniform when I worked but, like you, I had work clothes and home clothes, but still, the clothes I chose for work weren't really me. You look great and I love the necklace too.

  3. It looks great! And that makes sense to me... I don't have many clothes as I'm not interested in fashion and don't like shopping (or have the funds for it!) so I struggle with finding work wear that is ok for work but I feel comfortable in (I haven't really achieved that yet). I think it makes a big difference to me whether I feel comfortable or not and affects how confident I feel.

  4. So your new uniform can be - long sleeved tops and tank top! With something on the bottom as well of course!!! x

  5. I was going to ask how it was going..I think being you fits well into your new job environment xx

  6. That necklace is gorgeous, a great secret santa when you get something you actually like!

  7. I don't work but I do have any every day uniform of jeans and a top, and when I make the effort to wear something different I'm so glad I did. I hope your new job is going well. x

  8. I read this earlier in the week but forgot to comment! Your top looks lovely and I totally get what you mean. I do hope that they are the only snowflakes we see this year though xxx

  9. It's so pretty!!!! I know what you mean about feeling comfortable as you! We have a very relaxed dress code at school and one day, my Jess said to me, "I love the fact that we can never predict what you'll wear. One day it is 1940's lady, next day country casuals, the next chilled out Brights!

    I get the double chin thing!! I always end JP with one unless I lift my chin! X