Sunday, 24 August 2014


The weeks of the school holiday are slipping past and so it's about time I made a quick record of the things we've been doing.

Last weekend G, S and I went for a walk round the Common, we've been to visit friends who have recently acquired three chickens, I've been out for the evening with friends having a good catch up, G's mum and sister and family friend J came to visit yesterday, me T and S went to a mid week car boot sale where we sold lots of their unwanted bits and bobs with varying degrees of monetary success and G's been to hospital to have two teeth removed.

T has been going out and about with various friends and last weekend he went and stayed with Grandma, so he's been off doing his own funky thing and keeping busy.
S has had friends D and M over and gone to play at R's house twice. She spent the night at my mum's last Sunday due to G's aforementioned early morning hospital appointment. 

So there has been plenty going on, but not many photo opportunities.
Instead I'm going to share some random things from the last week and a bit.

I read ages ago, possibly on Pinterest, about how if you store your jumpers and cardis in drawers in a rolled up fashion rather than a piled on top of one other fashion it's easier to see what you actually have when you open the drawer. It sounded like a good idea and something I always planned to do but never got round to.
Until now that is.
 I sorted through my three drawers in about 10 minutes.
An unexpected bonus is that I now have more room so can buy more cardis.

Our walk around the Common also included a pitstop in the cafe for lunch. The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is reasonably priced and tastes good and if you have a milkshake you get rainbow drops sprinkled on top.
What's not to like.
As you can see S liked it so much she couldn't wait for me to take a photo before she demolished half of the topping.

Last Saturday G and I played this trivia quiz.
I read out the questions he answered them. There was some really obscure stuff in there. One answer he gave made me laugh so much my tummy and sides ached, I could not stop laughing.
The question was 'Which actress played the part of Alf Garnett's daughter in Til Death Do Us Part and what was her character called?'
G answered (with absolute certainty) 'Well the actress was Uma Thurman'
I know it doesn't sound like something that would set you off laughing so much you felt like you'd never stop but G saying Uma Thurman instead of Una Stubbs and the difference in the two actresses just set me going. 
One of those 'you had to be there to appreciate it' moments I suppose.

I like the smell of cucumber, it is one of the smells of summer, but I can't stand eating it. I feel like I would enjoy it because it smells so fresh but I am a fussy eater and textures as well as tastes are an issue for me.
When I saw this in Tesco I thought I'd give it a go.
Verdict : Let's just say I won't be buying it again.

A birthday brooch sent to me by G's niece.
The next best thing to real cake, one you can wear.

One afternoon S had been playing with her Barbie styling head and as the hair had become a bit tangled she washed it through in the bath and left it in there to dry.
Only T didn't know about it and when he went into the bathroom later on that night and turned on the light all he saw was a head in the bath.
Apparently it freaked him out a bit!
Maybe I'm just cruel but I would love to have been a fly on the wall to have seen his reaction.

It was one of those boring jobs this week, taking the car for it's MOT. Whilst it was being tested S and I went over to the park and that's where we found our first conker of the year. Not very brown and shiny but still a happy find if you like conkers as much as I do.

Lastly another brooch and another birthday present from another member of G's family. This one was given to me by D when she visited yesterday.
Lucky me.


  1. what a lovely collection of summer memories :)

  2. Oh belated happy birthday!
    I am DROOLING over that milkshake- I positively ADORE getting a chocolate milkshake with cream on top so I would have loved that one!
    The brooch is lovely and I am laughing over that head!!!!
    I'm so sorry I haven't been to visit for ages- I have been away virtually all the holiday (bar two days) and so have been checking on my phone and sometimes clicking on links doesn't work! I have suddenly realised you aren't on my follow list and I really don't know why so I am off to click now!!x

  3. The head in the bath is hilarious! And I love the brooch, that last one in particular.

  4. Surely a head in the bath is better than a horse's head in the bed!?!

  5. Your Uma / Una mistake made me smile so much. Happy days x

  6. Thank you, I did what you suggested with my cardigans and jumpers yesterday and bingo, they all fitted into a lot less space!x

  7. Random - you can tell you live with a teenager! What a lovely post. I read this the other day (whilst at work - naughty) and came home and rolled all my jumpers!! xxxxx

  8. OOh!! Happy Birthday! Have a good week!

  9. Lots of happy random things. I laughed about the head in the bath, that would have freaked me out too, I've always thought those heads were a little scary anyway, and the Una Stubbs/Uma Thurman mistake, some things just really set you off and you can't stop.

  10. It looks like you've been having a wonderful summer, full of happy moments. My daughter has one of those Barbie head things, it gives me the creeps already, and she's never put it in the bath! x

  11. Wow, conkers already - can't believe it! Sounds like a fun, if busy week, Lisa x

  12. The cake you can wear is very cute!