Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sunday to Wednesday

Needless to say that since our return from Norfolk I've been busy with the usual post holiday mountain of washing and ironing but there has been some other more interesting stuff going on too.

Sunday was a bit of a moochy kind of day for all and involved nothing more strenuous than trip to the supermarket for me and S whilst T went off into town to meet up with a friend.

There was yet more shopping on Monday. T was having a friend stay over and I had promised them some suitable snacks for their planned movie watching so they joined me and S.
 As well as the essentials a couple of pink sparkly items made their way into the trolley. The hula hoop and baton were put to good use in the garden in the afternoon.

The pink theme continued in the afternoon with a bit of baking, a strawberry yoghurt cake which came out the oven looking more like a discus than a cake but tasted ok.

Both children were occupied with friends on Tuesday. H was still with us and just after 10 we picked up S's friend R and headed off to the park. They had a great time messing around in the playground, although S is getting too big for some of the equipment.

Whilst they were busy I took the opportunity to sit down with my new diary and a notepad, taken in the floral bag which was a recent birthday present from my mother-in-law, and I caught up with a bit of list writing.

The girls got along really well until the middle of the afternoon and so I stepped in and suggested they make some fruit and oat balls which I had seen in the free Sainsburys magazine. Just a few ingredients were needed, bananas, apple sauce, oats and cinnamon. They were super quick and easy to do. Our mixture was a bit sloppier than it should have been as it wasn't possible to roll it into balls so we just scooped it out and made cookies instead. All were eaten with exclamations of how tasty they were.

Next I made them each a bubble snake. It was an instant hit. R kept popping into the house to say how much fun they were having which was a delight to hear. 
In the end we didn't take R home until nearly 9!

Today we have been to the library, had a really good result at the charity shop and then we got a bit crafty. I have a transfer sheet of Sylvanian Family characters which I ironed on to a t-shirt and then S coloured them in. 
Meet the Badger Family.


  1. My S is very jealous of your S with the Sylvanian families! And it's so good when friends entertain the children!

  2. I love your holiday activities - no wonder S & T's friends want to stay longer !
    Jess made a banana pancake thingy the other day... it wasn't very nice !

  3. What a busy and fun time you're all having. Eleanor was a huge fan of Sylvanian Families, we've still got boxes of the stuff in the loft including a mansion, the canal boat and the windmill, goodness knows what I'm saving it all for, I just can't bear to part with it.

  4. The cookies sound good, although we have our fill of cookies right now!! The biscuit maker is a success, although I ate far too many!

  5. You always have some lovely activities up your sleeve, how brilliant for S&T to have such a good mum! Always lots of fun to be had. I noticed in that first photo of S just how much she seems to have grown and changed, she's looking so big all of a sudden!