Sunday, 3 August 2014

Holiday A-Z

Thank you for the recommendations of places to visit whilst we were away and for the happy holiday wishes.
We arrived home late yesterday afternoon from our week in Sheringham and although in the end we didn't venture much further than the beach we had lots of fun over the week.
I have decided to do an A-Z of our week, although it has to be said some examples are more tenuous than others, to record as many things as possible, so this is going to be a photo heavy post.

A is for Artwork. Both G and I like the art work of the old railway advertising posters and so a print of Sheringham was the ideal holiday momento for us to bring home.

Along the prom at Sheringham is an Art Trail recording aspects of living by the sea, animals living in the sea and seaside activities like eating ice cream! I wish I had taken more photos of it, but I managed one of the seals.

One of my favourite photos because of the different textures, I love the sun Bleached colour of the wood.

On our way to the beach each day we had to pass a row of the prettiest houses and this one on the corner had a Conservatory on the back. I really like the duck egg blue it's been painted and then the seaside sign and bunting just make it look so jolly. Shame about the buddleia, a rambling rose would have been nicer but now I'm just being picky!

With my blogging head on, now D is for Doors. I know there are many who, like me, like an attractively painted door so here are two for your delectation.

When the tide goes out at Sheringham there is such an Expanse of sandy beach and the water was warm enough for some paddling too. 

Fish and chips, eaten for tea on the sea front on our first night. Just had to be done, it's the law on holiday!

As well as being a good blogger and snapping away at random doors, there was also plenty of attractive stained Glass. These windows were on a building in Ipswich.

On our many strolls along the prom I tried to have a good (but hopefully not to obvious) nosy inside some of the beach Huts. Some were really pretty kitted out in CK accessories and other such goodies.

T's eldest brother is going to uni in September and so is now living in Ipswich so we went and visited him on Monday. It was our first visit to the city and although it has it's fair share of grand buildings, such as the old Post Office below, we didn't think it's as attractive as Norwich. 

We also went out for the day on Tuesday. Hopping just two stops on the train down to Cromer where I busied myself on the beach.

This is the Keyhole to the cottage we stayed in. Random I know but it had to be included as when we arrived T opened the door and commented to me he knew I would like it, he knows me so well!

This sign on the Launderette just down the road from our cottage really made G chuckle when he first saw it. Never mind all the local attractions, this is THE reason to visit North Norfolk.

A beautiful Mosaic spotted as we walked past the entrance to one of the hotels in Cromer.

Something else I could have possibly used under 'A' for advertising but I decided to use as N for Nippy.

The Oddest thing to have been spotted this week was Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in someone's garden.

Cromer Pier. We didn't wander down it, I did suggest it but others had pressing needs such as finding somewhere to buy an ice cream.

Quite a lot of the houses had pebbles over the front of them, excellent natural protection against the elements so close to the sea and it looks so good too. This is the house with the lovely conservatory and bunting.

Red poppies were everywhere, down by the sea, in the churchyard at Cromer, on the war memorial in Sheringham and the local steam railway is named the Poppy Line.

S is for our beautiful S, looking suitable happy in full holiday mode with one of the many ice creams she consumed over the week. 

And T is for a very handsome and very happy T who as we were leaving Sheringham and made a dash to the supermarket to make sure we had lunch to eat for our journey home, finally found a bottle of cola with his name on it! 

As I have mentioned before finding things with the children's names on is extremely difficult. So imagine how surprised and thrilled we were when coming up from the Underground at Victoria we saw this shop. S's birth parents chose her name and the spelling without the H on the end makes it even more unusual.

A View of Sheringham beach one morning, with the tide in, as we took a stroll looking for a place to spend our the day.

We started our holiday with a one night stop off in London as on the Friday night G had booked for us to go and see Wicked. It's something we have all wanted to see for a while and what a fantastic way it was to kick off our time away. A fabulous show with some great songs. 

This was an eXtremely strange find. I bought this very same bangle in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago for 99p and nearly fell over when I spotted it in the window of a vintage shop for £22. The shop was closed but I went back a day or two later and asked the owner about it. He said it was made from lucite which is why he had priced so high. I just thought it was something cheap and cheerful from somewhere like Primark.

Y is for Yummy milkshake but it's really just a good way of getting in one of my favourite photos of T from the week. He doesn't really do smiling and posing for the camera but I managed to snap this whilst he was talking to his brother and he didn't realise I was taking it.

There were a lot of people in Sheringham with dogs. I don't know whether there are a lot of dog owners locally or whether it's a particularly dog friendly holiday destination but there were lots of them. We didn't meet many cats, probably they are wise to the dog situation and stay well out of the way, like this one enjoying a few zzzzzzz's.

As well as the places above we did also manage a trip to Norwich on Friday to see T's nan. Given the reason for our last visit there it felt a little strange this time round but it was important we went.
There were so many more places we could have gone but as the children were happy to go down to the beach we just kept things simple. Although one afternoon when G's mum had a hospital appointment and he needed a signal on his mobile to check in with her, he and T took a walk high up along the coastal path.
It was a lovely week with lots of sunshine and a fab start to the summer holidays.


  1. A wonderful alphabet of holiday snaps. I have two railway posters from Brighton.
    Jess sold a bottle of coke with the name Kiel recently... she works with a Kiel & he couldn't believe she'd sold it !!!
    Glad you had a lovely holiday x

  2. What a wonderful keepsake! Now we just need a photo of YOU looking rested and refreshed... xoxo

  3. Lovely holiday snaps, Lisa - sounds like you had a great time x

  4. It sounds like you've all had a wonderful time. This post is a great advertisement for Norfolk, somewhere I'm looking at for next year. T is looking so grown up all of a sudden, I do love candid photos, I think you get a much better photo of someone that way. Glad you enjoyed Wicked, I wonder how different the West End version is to the one on tour.

  5. Enjoyed your alphabet! We live near Savannah, such a pretty name.

  6. What a lovely time you had up at Sheringham , it is a pretty part of the world. Fish and chips at the seaside are compulsory but did you try a Cromer crab?

  7. Because everybody has Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in their front garden, don't they?

    What a lovely set of photos and so cleverly set together. What a lovely family holiday as well! I can't wait!! We go on Thursday!!!

  8. It looks like you had a great week, the children look so happy in the photos! What a great idea to do a holiday A-Z, a lovely way to record some memories!

  9. Hi, thanks for a lovely post about Norfolk - my home county! The pebbles on the houses are actually flints and the older houses are actually built of flint - as in the stone used to make flint tools and arrowheads etc - with brick corners. They are very common in Norfolk and were pulled out of farmland at ploughing time (probably by children paid 1d a week or something!). Knapped flint is also sometimes used; it is split open to reveal the shiny, black insides and was used to decorative effect or for whole walls.