Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day One of the Hols

We have all now broken up for the hols. The children finished yesterday, as did I and G finished a couple of hours ago.
T has had the traditional teenage start to the holidays of a long lay in followed by alternating from the sofa for TV watching and texting to foraging missions to the kitchen cupboard. S was collected by her friend's mum at 10 o'clock this morning and is due back around 6 so all in all I think they'll both have enjoyed their first day off.
As for me, well I've done some important stuff like changing over bags.
This will be my bag for the rest of the summer.
Sweet as cherry pie.

I have been doing other important stuff too, such as sorting out all things needed for a week at the seaside.
We are off to north Norfolk very soon. We have our train tickets, vague ideas for places to visit, I really want to go to Cromer, and a list of local walks which has pleased T no end!

I must admit that last night I felt so tired I didn't do a thing. There was plenty I could have done but once home with the thought that there was no more work until September I began to relax and switch off it all and felt quite lethargic by early evening. Instead of referring to my to do list I did something from my want to do list and listened to the In Our Time edition from a couple of weeks ago which was about the Virginia Woolf novel Mrs Dalloway. I read this book a couple of years ago and feel like I need to re-read it again after listening to the Radio 4 programme.
This afternoon, whilst ironing, (complete madness in this heat but necessary for holiday clothing requirements) I watched the film adaptation. I didn't realise Michael Kitchen was in it what an unexpected treat that was.

I still have plenty to tick of my list for today such as dropping off birthday cards and buying cat food supplies for the week, Malcolm and Melvin won't be impressed when they notice the cases are out and would be even less so if the food ran out whilst we are away.


  1. Ooh Lisa I love that cherry bag fabric. V yummy. Enjoy North Norfolk. We've got friends who live near Cromer so know it quite well. There's quite a cute looking vintage shop that's always closed when we go. Oh and a very nice icEcream shop. Xx

  2. You must go to Cromer Lisa, the pier is so lovely. Also if you can get along to Holkham you'll find the most amazing beach and you can walk to Wells. I think you'd also love Holt, which isn't far from Sheringham. Have a great time! x

  3. I'm sure you are going to have a well earned break especially after all you've had to cope with as a family recently. Hope you get all your jobs done and have a lovely holiday. Cromer is lovely we drive over there occasionally so I can have my fix of cromer crab. Holt is another little place to visit.


  4. A lovely bright and colourful new bag! Hope you have a great summer holiday :)

  5. The bag is lovely and so Summer!
    If you're going to Cromer you should think 39 steps.... I think the end of the book proper is set in Cromer.

  6. I'd love to go to Cromer! Hope you have a lovely time x

  7. Have a fantastic holiday. Norfolk is one of the places we're considering for our holiday next year (I know, only just back off one holiday and planning the next), so I'll look forward to hearing all about it. Just think of all the weeks off you've got ahead of you, definitely a perk of working in a school.

  8. So exciting Lisa ! Pack your bags & GO !!!

  9. Have a lovely holiday Lisa. Relax and enjoy yourselves. x

  10. I started "Mrs Dalloway" and never finished it. I need to work on that.

  11. Oh Lisa you're coming over to our coast, or have you already been? I'm so behind on reading posts! Topchelseagirl has the right recommendations, try Byfords for coffee and cake in Holt, you'll love it (sorry if I'm too late)
    And I wanted to tell you we got the cookie maker thing last week, it's a great success although I haven't been allowed to touch it yet apart from washing it!