Friday, 11 July 2014

A Prickly Visitor

We have had hedgehogs in our garden quite a few times over the years, but none of them have arrived late afternoon and stayed for a two hour feast.
Initially when this little chap appeared one Sunday afternoon we all kept quiet and kept our distance but it didn't seem at all bothered by our presence.

It was fascinating being so close and watching him/her find it's dinner in the grass as it began scrabbling away in the earth.

This is my favourite photo of it, just look at that face!

As well as eating two slugs it also enjoying chomping away on a worm which you can see here.

The hedgehog appeared the next day too whilst I was hanging out the washing but we haven't seen him since and this was about a month ago now. Maybe someone else's garden has tastier treats.


  1. What super photos, looks like you got quite close.
    And thank you for the tip about the biscuit maker, I'm bidding on ebay!

  2. How lovely Lisa. I would love to see Hedgies in our garden. I think it is too closed in, although we seem to get a lot of frogs. We used to have them regularly in the old house in Manchester but not had any since moving to the country which is where I had expected to see them. Still may be one day. I think my 4 paws would probably put them off coming to visit. Absolutely beautiful photo's I am very jealous of those.

  3. what a lovely visitor to have, you were lucky to be able to get so close and take some lovely photos!

  4. I've looked really carefully, and I am sure that is the real Mrs Tiggywinkle! xxxx

  5. We had hedgies in our garden when I was growing up but not in my teen years. He/she is a beauty! What great close ups! X

  6. They must visit our slug / snail fest garden but I never see them !

    How wonderful x

  7. I would love to have a resident hedgehog. You must have perfect conditions for attracting them! x

  8. How wonderful! You got some great photos there. I have never seen a hedgehog (alive) the whole time I've lived in Leeds, which is a shame as they are amazing creatures. x