Sunday, 20 July 2014


Bunting quickly cut from sheets of coloured paper and strung up in the garden this morning in readiness for pre birthday celebrations .

Due to work commitments tomorrow I won't be seeing my mum and sister so they came over today.
After a party food laden lunch it was time to play a couple of games, some of them using water pistols, one of which G enjoyed playing with!

See those straws? They are stood in sand and have ping pong balls balanced on the top which had to be shot off their perch with the water pistols. 

I volunteered G and my mum to play the next game. They each held an empty plastic cup with a ping pong ball in. S and her friend D then stood a short distance away and by aiming a squirty bottle, supposedly, at the cups they raced each other to see who could fill their partners cup with water the quickest so the ping pong ball rose up and fell out. 
Of course G and my mum ended up getting soaked but seeing as it was so incredibly hot they didn't mind.
In fact we all ended up pretty wet. 
There were plenty of water pistols to go round and everyone joined in with squirting each other and some even tried to employ the trampoline as a form of defence.

Once we had all dried out it was time for me to open my presents. Amongst those from my mum was this fantastic plastic apple necklace

and a jam pot which is a pretty new addition on my dresser.

My favourite pre-loved present from my sister, modelled here by S, was this CK cherry patterned umbrella. I can't believe someone was selling this at a car boot! Why wouldn't you want this?!

As well as the brolly I had lots of other goodies. There are two cardis, one in black and one in blue, plus a knitted brown skirt, a navy jumper, a green tshirt, a cotton  shopping bag, 3 photos albums, birthday paper chains, a wicker heart, a scarf, a home sweet home decoration, a Christmas candle holder and owl Christmas tree decorations. Oh and a pink star patterned bangle which I'm wearing and forgot to photograph!


  1. Happy Birthday to you, today right?
    What a great day you had, lots of fun and games and lovely pressies. I've very envious of the brolly!
    I hope you get spoilt this evening too. x

  2. What a fabulous day you all had and such wonderful gifts you received. I love all the unique party games you always come up with, the water pistols were ideal for the beautiful day we had yesterday. Happy birthday. xx

  3. Happy birthday!! Love the water pistols.

  4. Well, happy birthday to you Lisa! It looks like a fun party. I am totally stealing that ping pong ball/water pistol idea! And the paper bunting is a great idea. I'm glad you had a nice day. x

  5. Happy Birthday :)

    Looks like a lovely party, I love the ping pong ball idea - you always find such great ways to entertain!

  6. Happy Birthday Lisa ! What a wonderful party - love your games with the water pistols & your paper bunting is sweet.

  7. Happy Birthday Lisa xx What lovely gifts you received, the umbrella & the apple necklace are my favourites :)

  8. Belated Happy Happy Birthday to you Lisa! I am so glad that you had lots of lovely pressies. x

  9. Late late Happy Birthday! You must have had a whale of a time!