Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day Tripping

Yesterday G and I had a little jaunt out together on the train.
We went to Petersfield.
It's somewhere I've been waiting to visit for a while and G suggested he book a day off and we go on our own.

Just down from the station I spotted this sculpture and said 'oh look at that lovely sheep'. In my defense I was looking at it head on at first and it is only the size of a sheep, it's not proper cow size. When we got closer and I got my camera got G said 'here goes the start of many photo taking stops for the day'.

Petersfield has a very pretty and bustling town centre

and in the centre of the centre is a statue of William III dressed as a Roman Emperor.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Petersfield was to pay a visit to the museum and the Flora Twort art gallery. I checked online at the weekend and unfortunately both are closed on a Monday, so I have to save these for my next trip there.

Snippets of things which caught my eye during the day.

After a brief stop for lunch we made our way to the Heath and then took a very slow amble round the 22 acre pond. 

The sun was out and the sky was blue and being in such surroundings made a perfect end to a relaxing day out.


  1. Should have gone to Specsavers! What a lovely day out you had. Mick took the day off yesterday but we didn't have anything nearly as good a day as you, waited in for the bed delivery and for a British Gas engineer to call, joy of joys. It's nice to have days out by yourselves sometimes, as much as I love family time, sometimes it's nice to have one on one time too.

  2. ohh one on one time how lovely. Even though we only have one at home now it is still a rarity to have one on one time

  3. What a lovely day out!
    And the cow probably did look like a sheep from the back.
    And how sarky is He to say that you take photos of everything!?! Any old thing that passes by? (like the superhero in photo 9? I bet he didn't complain then!)

  4. Oh how strange! I visited Petersfield last Monday, exactly a week before you,meeting up with a blog friend! The lake you visited looks delightful! I didn't have time for that sadly, but the town is just lovely!xx

  5. My G and I stopped here for the night en route to Portsmouth last year. We had a lovely evening stroll around the town and lake. It is a very lovely spot. You had a gorgeous sunny day for your date. xxxxxx

  6. It sounds like a lovely day out :)

  7. Thanks for telling us about the Flora Twort Gallery. Fantastic name for a gallery. I'd never heard of it, and now it's on my 'to visit' list. I've done that before. turned up when a museum is closed in Exeter. With my kids in tow too, they're weren't happy.

  8. Hi katharine again. Would you mind if I mentioned you on my next blog post? Linking to your Day Tripping post?

  9. It's a fine little town, Petersfield. Happy memories of cycling in the area, taking a boat out on the lake and, possibly, a pub or two... You've taken some lovely shots of it.

  10. What a lovely jaunt! (Also: I love the word "jaunt"!)