Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Our Easter and S Day

 Today is the day 7 years ago we travelled home together from Norfolk and became a family of 4.
It's known as S Day (T Day is in August) and each year we try and mark the occasion for each child. Due to both G and I having to work today and S going to spend time with a friend we celebrated S Day over the Easter break. It started with a trip to the cinema to see Home, a new animated movie which she really wanted to see. Good family fun movie.
At home in the afternoon we set about prettifying the dining room for Easter, S decorated branches of forsythia with eggs

whilst I hung up our bunny mugs on the dresser.

We had invited my mum and sister over for a roast in the afternoon and to follow I made a hot cross bun treacle tart. I cheated and used ready made pastry but it was very simple to make and the recipe is here if you fancy giving it a go. The perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea I guarantee it.

Saturday was a mooching around the house kind of day and then Sunday we were all off to Salisbury for a family celebration. G's brother will be 60 tomorrow and so we all gathered together for lunch at G's mum's house for a birthday lunch. 
G and I had complied a little quiz about events, people, sport and film from 1955 and after lunch the family divided themselves into two teams and played against each other. I'm happy to report the birthday boy was on the winning team.

Yesterday we popped along to the car boot sale for an hour.
G came home with a couple of singles and an LP and my best buy was this Royal Albert milk and sugar bowl. There was also a smaller sugar bowl, for the coffee set I'm presuming, and for the 3 items I paid £2.00. I checked on-line yesterday and this shape and design are from the 1950's. It's been washed and packed away until December!
Our day was topped off with a Chinese takeaway, another part of our slightly early S Day celebrations.

Another Pinterest inspired spring craft was completed at the weekend.
I have made a wreath for the front door using a ball of lime green fun fur yarn. It looks like lush spring grass. I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. Instructions are here if you want to give it a whirl.

I couldn't end this post without including a photo of S, after all it is her day, but as she has already gone out and I won't see her now until I come home from work this evening I will have to use a photo of her from January.
We are incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful, kind, funny and generous little girl as our daughter.


  1. Happy S Day to S. You're all so lucky to have found each other. What a lovely photo of her, she seems more grown up every time I see a new photo. It sounds like you've had a busy but enjoyable weekend with everything you've had going on. We didn't even get round to having a roast on Easter Sunday so we're having our lamb tonight.

  2. Happy S day! I bet you can't imagine life without her now! And she must be special if she came from Norfolk. She'll be 'bootiful, really bootiful'!


  3. She is a beautiful young lady.

  4. Happy S Day. I love that they have special days to celebrate becoming your family.

  5. You've done it again! Reduced me to a blubbing wreck! You are so very lucky to have that beautiful young lady in your lives. Her smile is amazing! Lots of love to you all. (PS LOVE the Christmas crockery and you are getting amazingly crafty! Love the wreath. xxx

  6. I can't believe how grown up S is looking now - compared to when I first 'met' her on your blog! Happy S Day!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend and I love your spring grass wreath!

  7. How wonderful To have S & T days. I really like your Royal Albert Jug & bowl & the wreath is so pretty !
    We went to see the new Mary Rose exhibition yesterday - have you been yet ? It's brilliant !

  8. What a lovely story Lisa and such a nice way to celebrate such a wonderful day.

  9. I think it is wonderful that you celebrate an S and a T day! S is growing into a lovely young lady in front of our bloggy eyes! You did so well at the boot sale but if I put them away for Christmas I would never find them again! The wreath looks great. x

  10. Oh lovely! I always love to hear about your family! Happy S Day! What a lovely idea to celebrate the day of her coming to you! I love your wreath- WHAT a beautiful idea and something even I might be able to try!x