Monday, 27 April 2015

Watching and Reading

Saturday morning I woke up at the normal weekday time which isn't good for the beauty sleep I need but was helpful in getting me out the house nice and early to go on a birthday gift buying mission.
We have a branch of The Range quite close by so this is where I headed and found this metal jug.
My friend I likes very pale and muted colours and when I saw this I knew it was something she would like.
I thought it had the look something you would easily find in Laura Ashley and as she is a big fan of that style I thought it would be ideal.
Her reaction today when I gave it to her told me it was, phew.

G needed to make up some flexi and decided he would go into work for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. I pottered about doing this and that and then when the ironing could be put off no longer I put on my new DVD and did every last thing from the pile whilst getting caught up in the stories of the 4 ladies who had gone to spend a month in a castle in Italy owned by Michael Kitchen. I have never read the book, but have watched the film countless times and I love, love, love it. I used to own it on video and recently bought the DVD so I could own it again. What better movie to watch in April than Enchanted April. And Michael Kitchen is in it, have I mentioned that already?

A while ago I was trying to recall the title of a book I had read and enjoyed as a young girl in Junior school. All I could remember was it featured a girl who found half a coin on the pavement which granted wishes and there was an adventure on a flying carpet. I googled various words and phrases and found Half Magic. Well there is no flying carpet and although the girl finds a coin it is a whole one which grants the wisher half of their wish. I must admit the odd thing from this book was vaguely familiar but I think my memory must have muddled a variety of books I read as a child. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, but I shall give it to S to read now and see what she makes of it.

Sunday started with a leisurely breakfast in bed whilst watching the last episode of Wolf Hall. We recorded them all and have watched them over the last fortnight. What a superb series it was, totally captivating. 

The reason we could have a lazy breakfast time was because there was no car boot for us to go due to the weather.
When it was time to get dressed the change in weather influenced my choice of outfit. Due to the drop in temperature out came the warm stripy tights which were a perfect accompaniment to my new brown cord skirt, a 50p purchase at the car boot the week before.


  1. The jug is beautiful, no wonder your friend was pleased. I can see some floppy tulips hanging over the rim, it would just set it off. I've never heard of Enchanted April nor, dare I say, Michael Kitchen. I've just looked him up and I haven't seen anything he's been in so that's how I've missed him, I'm intrigued though now. How lovely to read a book from your youth, I think we do remember things wrongly sometimes but it's good to revisit these things, I hope S enjoys it. I'm so annoyed at myself for missing Wolf Hall. I heard good things about the series but it was too late to catch the start of the series, even on catch up, so I didn't bother. I hope they'll repeat it sometime. I love those stripy tights, I've put the boots away and I've got my sandals out. It might be a bit premature as we're forecast bad weather for the rest of this week.

  2. I love the skirt! The tights go really well with it :)

  3. That jug is so fab. I love it! I shall have to pop along to my local branch That skirt looks gorgeous xxx

  4. That's a lovely jug Lisa - I would be delighted too! The skirt was a bargain and a great match for the stripy tights! x

  5. Love the tights! I used to love Enchanted April, haven't seen it for a long time.x

  6. Oh, I love Enchanted April - haven't seen it for years, though. Must dig it out and watch again very soon.

  7. Yes of course, it's car boot season now, isn't it! I must find out which are the good local ones down here. Your skirt is great, you always find such great stuff, and that jug is very pretty. x

  8. I have seen this jug in The Range and I have been very tempted and I agree with Jo tulips or daffs dangling over the side would be lovely. I do remember a similar story to the one you mentioned that did involve a magic carpet and the granting of wishes but for the life of me I cannot recall what the name of it was. I've not seen this particular film but I do like Michael Kitchen.

  9. Enchanted April! I love the book, I love the movie, I love it all!

  10. Your tights are incredible!!!!!! Seriously cool striped, where are they from???
    That jug was a great present for your friend.
    I would love to see that film. Your story description reminds me of 'The queen's nose'