Monday, 30 March 2015

Nothing To Report

Last Tuesday morning I woke up with a sore throat. 
By the end of the morning I felt so cold that when I went to work I was wearing three layers of clothing.
As the afternoon progressed a cough developed and my head was pounding by the time I left at 6.45pm.
Once home I went straight to bed.
And that is where I stayed, more or less, until Saturday morning.
On arriving home from school on Wednesday T came into my bedroom to ask how I was feeling.
He shone the light from his tablet towards me and declared ' you look infected' and left me in peace.

So I don't have much to report really and certainly there aren't any photos of me looking 'infected' from last week to share either.
Hurrah I hear you say!
Instead here is one from February of me and my Mr A next to the Gainsborough painting of the (slightly!) more famous Mr and Mrs Andrews. Although you can possibly see the attractive swelling on my right eye lid from some kind of allergic reaction I had for 4 weeks.
Picture of health me aren't I?! 
Here's hoping to catch up with Blogland over the coming week and hoping all is well with everyone else.


  1. Oh no Lisa! Poor you! I hope you feel better soon- that is horrid.xx

  2. Get well soon my friend. You and G are like me and my G - little and large! xxxxx

  3. Oh hope you are up & running soon xx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been ill, I hope you're feeling much better now.

  5. Oh dear Lisa,you have been in the wars! I hope you are feeling much better now. Lovely photo. x

  6. Oh dear Lisa poor you. I hope you are feeling better. How nice it is that our children care so much to tell us how bad we look.

  7. Poor you! Glad to hear you're better now; hope you hit full health again soon, and thanks x

  8. PS
    I like the modern Mr and Mrs A. better than the Gainsborough. Imagine how many mugs she would have smashed every day just walking through the kitchen.

  9. Do hope you're feeling better now, Lisa. Dodgy eye or not, you two look a far more fun couple than the other Mr & Mrs Andrews! x

  10. There have been so many nasty bugs and 'things' around this year - hope you're feeling better. x

  11. Feel better, sounds like it was a stinker of an infection xx