Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lampshade Love

When at the car boot I paid £1.00 for a very tatty old lampshade G thought I had finally lost the plot.
What he didn't know is that I had a plan.
A plan which involved double sided tape, lengths of fabrics and a little bakers twine.
I found two projects on Pinterest, here and here, which really caught my eye and I wanted to try and make my own version.

I have slow progress with it over the course of a few weeks, doing a little at a time, but by twisting double sided tape around each part of the frame and then used one of S's old summer dresses to cover it today I completed the first part of the makeover.
The dress I used had panels made from 5 different patterns, white with pink polka dots, pink with a darker pink rose, white with a pink rose, a pink embrodiery anglaise and a green gingham.

I'm not intending to ever use it as a lamp/light shade, I wanted it be a means of being able to display photos, pretty fripperies and ephemera and maybe change the items to reflect the seasons. So now I need to decide how to finish it off.
I like the idea of wrapping ribbon around it, I was considering using a pink bakers twine, but I'm not sure this would work as well on my shade as the frame is a different shape. It may work better with lengths of twine or ribbon hanging down from the frame as in the second picture.
Decisions, decisions.


  1. What a lovely idea. You do manage to find lots of lovely things on Pinterest. I think I'm wise to stay away, I'm sure it would suck me in.

  2. what a clever idea. Look forward to seeing pic insitu and in use.

  3. Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

  4. I think that is a lovely idea. You are getting very crafty! xxxx

  5. That will make a great display Lisa. Don't forget to show a picture when it is in use! x