Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Green Fairy

Today is Absinthe Day.
This is one I will let pass on by without indulging. Partly due to the fact it's flavoured with aniseed (yuck) and partly due to it's reputation. Oh la la!
Instead I shall share this beautiful art nouveau painting by Henri Privat-Livemont. A present from my sister from a few years ago, originally she lived in the dining room but was moved to hang on the wall by our freezer when I redecorated. Gorgeous.

Edited to say... I found this on the Radio 4 Listen again service yesterday, well worth a listen Absinthe Makes the Art Grow Stronger.


  1. Not one for me either if it's flavoured with aniseed. I remember getting slightly tipsy (ok, drunk) on ouzo in my youth and it turned me off completely. I do like your painting though.

  2. I'd like to be a bit more bohemian - maybe I should drink it! I wonder if it's anything like the Pernod and lemonade I used to Drink? Yuk if it is! x

  3. I would love an absinthe... I actually like aniseed, especially aniseed Gaviscon which I ate with everything during my pregnancies.
    Although my favourite absinthe related thing is the Fairy from Moulin Rouge (played by Kylie!!!)

  4. umm... in my twenties while working in Israel, I got very drunk on Arak, fell over & broke my collar bone !
    Arak is like Ouzo & drinking it was nicknamed having an "Arak Attack" in the bar.... though I never touched the vile stuff again !
    Lovely picture x

  5. Where do you find out about all these "days" - I too thought of Kylie in Moulin Rouge - one of the best films ever xxx