Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Was

over in a flash.
I find February has a habit of galloping past and I know it's only a couple of days shorter than the other months of the year but it does make such a difference.
As soon as the page on the calendar turns over my mind and energy is given over to T and S's birthday on 23rd.
There are presents to buy and wrap and weekends are devoted to arranging and executing birthday treats.
Throw in half term week and all that can bring and the month is soon gobbled up.
That's not meant to sound like a moan because it's all (generally) good fun!
February was also cherry month.
I love cherries, not to eat, but to wear.
My sister gave me this fab cherry bag as part of my Christmas present.
It's lovely long strap makes it perfect for wearing across the body and it's many zips and compartments made it perfect for using when we went on our recent day out to London.

There were a couple of milder days when a big woolly winter scarf wasn't needed so I was able to wear my cherry scarf. It's one of my favourites bought long ago when I volunteered in a local charity shop.

The final item I made sure I wore was a pair of cherry earrings.

Talking of earrings, I made sure I wore my daffodils on Sunday for St David's day when March arrived

and as, hopefully, March will bring with it the start of Spring I decided it was time for one of my  favourite candle holders to be packed away again.


  1. I love your cherry accessories, and I'm quite partial to real cherries too. February always seems dull and dreary, not to mention cold, to me so I'm rather pleased that it's the shortest month of the year.

  2. I so can see you sporting those cherries! Yes, get that Winter ornament put away and bring on SPRING!!!!! xxxx

  3. March has started quite brightly, if a little colder than I'd like! It does give me hope that warmer and more pleasant spring days are ahead!

    Your cherries are so cheerful. You know what the song says, life is just a bowl of cherries!

  4. oooh, nice cherry items!! And the daffs are great too!x