Monday, 16 March 2015


Not only did G bring me breakfast in bed on Saturday morning but he also cooked breakfast for me on Sunday morning too.
We were up bright and early both days.
 We had planned a quick trip to town on Saturday as we needed to go to Ikea.
Would you believe we managed to come out of that store with only the things we went in to get.
That must be a first.
Sunday we planned to go to the car boot.
Our local one started up again last week after the winter break and proved successful even though there weren't many sellers.
This week there were so few sellers we didn't bother pulling into the field where it's held and instead went straight onto the second part of our Sunday plan.
This was meeting up in the cafe of a local garden centre with my sister and mum for us all to have a chat whilst enjoying coffee and cake.
I was lucky enough to receive two lovely cards from T and S, the things they had written inside made me cry.
As well as a beautiful bunch of flowers I was given a huge box of Maltesers, a miniature bottle of Tia Maria and a book containing all the Mary Poppins stories.
Last weekend G and I watched Saving Mr Banks and then spent another half an hour googling the life of P L Travers which in turn led us to finding a BBC documentary by Victoria Coren Mitchell on you tube about the author.

I always give my mum daffodils for Mother's Day, maybe my love of the flower comes from her. When I saw a link on Simone's blog for crocheted daffodils which were being sold to raise money for the Marie Curie charity I had to investigate and of course then purchase one for such a good cause.
A little piece of Spring on my winter coat.

After my breakfast of bacon and egg muffins I wasn't quite ready to eat a slice of cake but I did find I was able to manage a shortbread biscuit.
I just love shortbread.
But I've never made any, that is until last week when I made millionaire's shortbread. I cheated and used a tin of the caramel condensed milk which saved a bit of time and mine looked a bit more mis-shapen than the smooth and regular ones in the photo accompanying the recipe but they tasted pretty good.


  1. It sounds like you've been well and truly spoilt this weekend, just as you should be. Daniel didn't come home for Mother's Day but he sent a card with the most lovely things written inside and he called me to wish me a happy Mother's Day. I got spoilt by Eleanor though. We had my mum and dad round for dinner so that I could spoil my mum a bit too. I love Millionaire's Shortbread but it's faffy to make with the three layers so I don't make it very often, even though it's Mick's favourite.

  2. Oh my, caramel shortbread- mmmmmmmmm!!! Glad you had a well-deserved nice mothers day!!!x

  3. Jess uses the tinned stuff for Banoffee pie.
    A garden centre meet up sounds lovely x

  4. Fab weekend. Glad you were spoiled rotten - you deserve it. Saving Mr Banks is a brilliant film. It totally changes the film "Mary Poppins" .xxx

  5. Yum. Is there anything better in this world than Millionnaires' Shortbread? I think not. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, Lisa x

  6. That sounds like a good weekend.

  7. Lots of lovely goodies on here. I have always wanted to make Millionaire's shortbread but never got around to it. I may have to make it after seeing that picture! I am glad you got one of Ann's pretty daffodils. They are so well made aren't they? x