Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Central Park

Our last full day in New York was spent in Central park.
We managed to explore up to and including the Jackie Onassis Reservoir.

A recent addition at the entrance to the park are these sculptures of oversized orchid which were just beautiful. Huge structures which still manage to maintain some of the delicacy of those in the natural world.

Without any prior planning we managed to arrive at the Delacorte Music Clock on the half hour and we, along with a bunch of happy children, enjoyed watching the animals rotating around the track playing us a tune. I thought the baby kangaroo was so sweet.

Apparently during the summer moths there are story telling events for children held by this statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Count me in.

We stopped and enjoyed a coffee and the view at Conservatory Water where remote controlled boats can be hired. 

From here it's just a hop, skip and a jump to the Alice In Wonderland statue. There were lots of school children here on a school trip, something to do with Science, I only know that because they had big plastic boxes with them marked 'Science Field Trip.' Not a bad venue for a day out from school.

Full size boats can also be rented for romantic rowing trips on the Lake

we kept our feet on dry ground and pulled our best, or should that be worst pouting selfie faces by the fountain instead!

There is an area named Shakespeare garden which if I'm honest we only skirted around as by now it was lunchtime and we left the park in search of sustenance, not before we stopped and admired this Romeo and Juliet pairing.

We made one other small detour from the park that day and that was to the Dakota where John Lennon lived and was murdered. G, along with a huge portion of the planet, is a John Lennon fan and he wanted to go there and have a quiet couple of minutes, or as quiet a couple of minutes as you can get in such a busy place.
The building itself is currently covered in scaffold but you can see it here, I rather liked the characterful face of Neptune(?) which runs repeatedly along the metal railings which surround it.


  1. That looks like a wonderful park, what a brilliant place to visit!

  2. It looks fabulous, you really couldn't go to New York without visiting Central Park, could you?

  3. Wonderful to see so many great sculptures!

  4. It looks beautiful! I would love to explore it!

  5. I think that was such a good idea to make your last day a visit to Central Park.
    It looks such a great place to walk and so much to see too.

    I have really enjoyed my trip with you and looking at your photo's, thank you.
    What special memories you must both have.

    Hope the weekend is going well - have a good week next week too!

    All the best Jan