Monday, 2 May 2016

Clothes, Candles and Christmas

G and S didn't fancy the car boot sale yesterday morning so I went along with my mum and sister C.
We all managed to find a few things each to come home with and here's mine.

I already have one of these cardigans in grey and now I have a navy blue one to keep it company.
This was 50p.

There's no uniform in my new job and so I'm looking to gather a few items to make up my work place wardrobe and I thought this dress, for £1, would be a good addition. It's a bit clingier than I hoped it would be but the ruched effect around the waist helps disguise that a bit.

Not a great photo of a pretty shapeless top but this will be perfect for when I arrive home from work and just need to change into something comfy. Another £1 spent.

Love these candlesticks. £1 for the pair. 

Not sure what this wicker bowl is going to be used for but I couldn't leave with out it and as it was only 30p I definitely wasn't going to leave it behind.

There is no way I needed another Christmas mug but this one caught my eye, I thought it was a bit different and liked the idea of having a recipe on it. Mine for 50p.

This little knitted Christmas pudding is a holder for something like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. I bought a set of 6 of these for the grand total of 20p. They'll look fab on the table, hiding sweet treats, come Christmas day.


  1. Oh I had to smile at your Christmas pieces, I picked up a few bits for my Christmas decor last weekend whilst out shopping and my family laughed at me, so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! Thank you for sharing your New York trip, great photos!
    Anna xx

  2. It's good to change into something comfy after work though the first thing I do is sit down as on my feet all day. Love the candlesticks & chocolate cosy x

  3. You got some lovely things. I love how you find all the bargains, I'm never so lucky.

  4. Just love the colouring in that cardigan ...

    Candlesticks look great and those little knitted Christmas holders are amazing - they will look so nice on your Christmas table.

    A wicker basket for just 30p, they are just so handy for keeping things in.

    All in all a very good shopping trip ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Great busy! The Christmas puddings are very cute and I do love the basket!!

  6. You always do so well with car boots and charity shops! Whenever I browse the charity shops I never find anything I like that fits!

    I love the little christmas pudding treat cosies, great fun!

  7. WHat a great idea those Christmas puds are! The cardie is gorgeous and very yoU!x