Friday, 13 May 2016

Our Very Own Ground Force

The day after we returned from New York my sister text me to ask what our plans were for Saturday 7th May. 
She wouldn't tell me why she wanted to know but after a few days of texting back and forth she said she would be round on that Saturday morning somewhere between 10 and 11 and would I provide bacon sandwiches.
All slightly mysterious but all agreed.
So Saturday morning dawned, the bacon was ready in the fridge and then at 10.30 I received a text asking me to unlock the back gate.
She and her friend then drew up and began unloading a stack of timber and a selection of power tools from his works van.
They weren't being used to build this planter

they were being used to build us a fence!!!!!
Whilst we were away my sister had visited and decided we needed some privacy between us and our neighbour.
The old fence panels had blown over in high winds last year and we replaced them with a length of willow screening. This was fine up until a couple of months ago when that also feel victim to more high winds.
My sister loves sitting out in her garden and she felt that we needed somewhere we could go to also enjoy some quiet sunny garden time. 
From this a plan was formed with her friend and when we left to go to the theatre this is what was happening

 and this is what was in place when we came home a couple of hours later.
A lovely new fence complete with shelves for pots and hooks for lanterns.
The planters and table were also part of their surprise.

To protect the timber we had to get it painted as soon as we could and so that's what we were doing on Sunday afternoon. We bought 2 small tins of Cuprinol but as G was carrying them outside he tripped and dropped one of them ad most of the contents ended up on the back door step and then splashed back into the house.
I think we'll need to buy another tin and give it all a second coat.
We're not sure what we'll put on the shelves or if the baskets will stay but my sister popped those things up just to break up the plain expanse of timber.

I must admit I did shed a few tears when C told me what they were going to do. It was such an incredibly kind thing for them both to do for us.
Hopefully we can carry on their good work and try and make some kind of garden from the jungle that's out there.


  1. What a wonderful surprise and how thoughtful of your sister. It will give you a lovely spot to enjoy.
    Our neighbour on the right is re fencing thankfully as it was awful ( poor man thought it was our fence as he'd done his other side a few years ago ) New neighbours on the left have offered to fence the back where our willow hurdles have perished. They will be doing their other side & offered to do the back to give us both privacy.

  2. Fabulous! What a lovely sister you've got. I do think it makes a difference when you've got a bit of privacy and you can enjoy your garden. I love the little shelves and hooks, you can display lots of lovely plants there. This is the first year that I haven't made my own hanging baskets, I think I'm going to buy a couple for the front of the house, I saw some lovely ones in Morrisons, they had fuchsias in them and they were only a fiver.

  3. What a fabulous present. If they fancy it, I could do with some raised beds making......... Hope you enjoy your new space. And thank heavens you didn't spill the paint - now you can glare at him everytime you go outside and feel all happy it wasn't you :-)

  4. What an.incredibly thoughtful thing to do! Your sister is so generous!! It looks gorgeous!!x
    The consternation is positive but I think they can't quite get over the moving glitter!!!x

  5. That is so thoughtful and lovely ... it is nice to have a little privacy in the garden, and a place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a quiet read!

    I like the shelves, hooks and basket.
    You can have fun deciding how you will use them.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a wonderful thing to do. Looks great. x

  7. What a lovely, thoughtful thing to do. I love the lanterns hanging down xx

  8. Such a wonderful surprise. I am sure the new fence will motivate you to make more of the garden. You could pu some battery operated tea lights on the shelves if plants aren't your thing. x

  9. Lisa, what a lovely surprise! It looks great, I hope you get plenty of sunny time to enjoy this new private space.
    Anna xx