Wednesday, 3 August 2016


It was my birthday on 21st July and those who have previously read my blog around this time of year will know that the gifts I receive from my sister C are all items which have been purchased from car boots, charity shops and the occasional jumble.
Likewise come October all the gifts I give to her will have been bought in similar places.
Our budget is £10, only this year try as she might C couldn't spend that last 25p and all that you see before you was purchased for the grand total of £9.75.
Missing from the post are 3 further things, a purple jacket which was in the wash at the time, a brooch and a cherry charm, these small items were in my purse for safe keeping.

First up is a fab selection of clothing.
The jeans I love, they were brand new and still had the tags attached and fit really well and are very comfy.
The blue top/jumper combo will be perfect for work.
The red cardi was another brand new item.

As well as the missing jacket there was this pale brown one which is has a great shape to it

and this patchwork one.
I know this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but I do love it.
Only thing is I'm not sure I would wear it.
But I do love it.

Then we have a pretty cream coloured bowl, a bowl of china cherries, a tile with a cute Christmas scene, a bird wall hook, two brand new boxed quizzes, a portable sundial, a matching pen and pencil set and a tin of fish shaped foil paperclips.

Final collection of goodies include a cat jigsaw, a set of heart shaped chalkboards, more new boxed quizzes, two handy hints books and a small felted purse. 


  1. It's amazing what you can get for £9.75. There's lots amongst those things that I'd be thrilled to receive, you did so well.

  2. Lovely clothes & great goodies. Your sister did well Oh and belated happy birthday xx

  3. Many Happy Belated Birthday Wishes ...

    You certainly received an amazing array of goodies for your birthday.
    The colours on the patchwork cardigan go well, and I think you should wear it this weekend!!!

    Happy Friday Wishes

    All the best Jan

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to you!

    You always do so well for each other with your gift rules!

    Thank you for the book recommendation too - I've heard of Jo Nesbo (I'm sure someone else has recommended her books too) and have been tempted but I have so many books to read already I feel reluctant to get hooked on a new author! I shall make a note though ;)

  5. Wow - all that for £9.75!! Great selection of gifts. And belated "Happy birthday"!
    Caz xx

  6. Happy belated birthday! I always enjoy seeing what you and your sister manage to do with the £10 budget. I can't believe how much you got here! It's great that you'll be able to wear some of those clothes to work.

  7. Belated Birthday wishes Lisa! I cannot believe how much your sister got for under a tenner!!! The charity shops around here would charge at least £5.00 for one piece of clothing and rarely is there anything worth buying. I am sure I would shop more in charity shops if there were more choices available. x

  8. She does amazingly well for that £10 (or £9.75!!!)
    What a lovely selection of items- you've got a whole trove! RESULT on the jeans!

  9. I can't believe how much your sister can get for 9.75! Or that she couldn't spend the last 25p on something!
    The clothes look really good; I love the patchwork jacket! Why would you not wear it? At the very least you could wear it for World Book Day as an homage to Elmer the Elephant.

  10. Very impressed with your sister's thrifty gifting! X