Friday, 26 August 2016


(My mum's birthday cake, nothing to do with this post, but everyone likes cake don't they)

How is that during the summer break when the children were younger and I was off with them we were busy with days out but I still found time to blog about it all and now they are older and mostly doing their own thing I don't seem to find the time?

Here we are at the end of week 5 of the school hols and not a thing about them has been recorded.
Let's do something about that right now.

T's summer antics are very straightforward. He has either been putting in extra shifts at his paid part-time job or extra shifts at the charity shop. Another month and he'll have been volunteering there for 2 full years! His focus, with exam results now in, is very much set on what to do come September. 
S's holiday began with a week at school. An activity week at her new senior school where the children did fun stuff such as cookery, team building games, bracelet making, a cycling proficiency course and a sports afternoon. The children were able to meet other new starters, a few of the teachers and get a good feel for the school layout whilst it was empty. G and I went to the sports afternoon family picnic and when we left S said 'Why can't school start again next week, I'm so excited.'
Other highlights for S have included sleepovers, lots of visits to the park with friends, a trip to town to shop and have lunch as part of a friend's birthday treat, hours riding around on her bike and two separate days spent with my mum whilst G and I had to work. Picnics in the park were a regular occurrence in holidays past but we've only managed one of those so far. Plus there has been a special treat of a trip to the theatre with Auntie D, J and G to see Cats and we have completed part of the zebra trail (post to follow).
There was a low point when S hurt her back, how it happened we just don't know but st one point it took half an hour to get her out of the car. Thankfully she is all ok now.
Squeezed in around all of that was a few days away with me and G in Eastbourne- that's a whole other post as well.

I must also mention all the Olympic watching which took part. Not by T and S but by me and G. What a fantastic result for Team GB. It was an absolute delight to watch athletes excelling at what they do and then conducting themselves so well during all their interviews, fabulous role models.

With the bank holiday weekend coming up and a extra day off next week I hope to get round to visiting all my friends and seeing what's been keeping all of you busy.


  1. Lisa it's lovely to have you back in bloggerland! "Not finding the time" I so get where you are coming from. Great to hear S enjoyed her introduction week at her new School, my baby paperdoll has started her new School and is settling in well my great relief.
    Wishing you some "time" to enjoy this bank holiday weekend!
    Anna xx

  2. The holidays have flown past! Even quicker than before! We've had exam results to keep us busy here for a couple of weeks, but now we're looking at fitting in a day or 2 out before school begins again. I'm glad you've had a good time.

  3. Great to see you again! The holidays have gone so fast - I wish I could be as excited about going back to school as S, hehe. Sounds like you've all been having a great summer.

  4. Well it sounds as though T and S have been kept very busy all through the holidays. How awful for S to hurt her back like that, it sounds really painful, I'm glad it's all better again now. I hope T got the results he wanted. I didn't watch much of the olympics but Mick watched enough for us both so that evened it out. Your mum's birthday cake is lovely, I love that bunting.

  5. Hello Lisa ...
    Welcome back to blog-land. I was beginning to get worried that everything was ok!
    But so glad it is.
    Sometimes life does have a habit of taking over, we're enjoying it and putting pen to paper or keyboard to blog just has to wait!!!

    Your mum's birthday cake looks delicious.

    So pleased that 'S' is so looking forward to starting her new school. Both of our youngest grandchildren start their respective new schools this September, uniform, book bags etc are all ready and they both look so grown up.

    I think 'T' has done brilliantly with the volunteer work, such a good thing to do.

    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the Zebra Trail, I'm sure it will be colourful.

    In the meantime enjoy the three day 'bank holiday' weekend. We are not going far the road's get so busy.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  6. I'm so glad that S is so excited about her new school. T is such an inspiration to work there for so long!!! Have a lovely extra day off!
    Thanks for Comment Christmas!!x