Saturday, 27 August 2016

8 years

This handsome little chap is my nephew's dog. His name is Ollie. He is just over a year old and today is the first time I met him. He was a gift to J from his girlfriend L and although he belongs to J Ollie spends most of his time with L and her family.
But this weekend he is at my sister's. My sister's home is the house we lived in with my dad when we were teenagers. We had a dog back then too, his name was Ben and he was a big softie who adored my dad.
Being in the back garden of our old home playing with a dog was an appropriate place to be this morning as today marks the 8th anniversary of when our lovely dad died.
8 years. It doesn't seem possible. Our dad was there for us whenever we needed him, a pillar of support, full of love and the biggest hugs to make you feel safe when the world seemed to be against you.
What can I say, he was the best, loved and missed but forever in our hearts.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to remember and celebrate your dads life. Ollie is very cute xx

  2. I thought the anniversary was yesterday and I was thinking about you. How lovely that your sister lives in the same house, a very special way to remember your dad in the place he lived. Ollie is so cute, he looks like a proper character.

  3. A very special post Lisa, a lovely way to remember your Dad.
    Ollie looks so cute, a great photo of him.

    ......I must just say, thanks for all your lovely comments on the low carb diabetic blog - they were all great to receive, read and share.

    I hope the remainder of this August Bank Holiday weekend passes well for you.

    All the best Jan

  4. How very fitting, and such a cute little dog!

  5. Whaat a lovely way to remember him! Ollie is adorable!x

  6. Such a lovely little dog. Your Dad will live on through all of your wonderful memories. x

  7. A bitter/sweet post. A special person will never be forgotten x

  8. Ollie is just Gorgeous.Big Huggles.xx