Thursday, 1 September 2016

Zebras - Part One

During the school holidays we've been out twice on zebra hunting expeditions and we still haven't seen them all.
The statues are in situ until the end of September so we may well be able to squeeze in another afternoon in town and tick them off all the map.
The photos that follow are the ones we tracked down last weekend.

Captain Stripes - the colours of the Union Jack teamed with the stripes of a zebra.

Zozy Zebra- each stripy band is painted a different colour and a list of animals from a-z are written along the stripes.

Ziggy Zebra all at Zee- David Bowie in zebra form.

King Zalfred - in honour of the king who burnt the cakes

This one will have to remain nameless- can't remember which one it is!

Biff- decked out in a hard hat and fluorescent jacket and named after a business waste company.

Southern Gold- classic black and white with an added twist of gold discs.

ZZ Top- dark glasses and piano keys for stripes.

Reggie- so royal even his stripes are purple. I really loved the extra detail of kings and queens on this one. 

Seafaring zebra- clever little touches by the artists on these zebras are one of the highlights of the trail. Just look at the way the curve of the mouth has been used to make the shape of an anchor.

Zayla- such precision in this design.

Zebastian the Seabra - a zebra painted with a multitude of sea creatures- can you spot the 'seahorse'.

And finally for today we have Glitter Fish. The name says it all, he is painted with fish and there's glitter.


  1. Love the collection, they are all great colorful fun! My favorite so far are the Reggie, Seafaring & the Glitter Fish. Great street art that makes me smile, hopefully you get to see a few more before the end of the month. Anna xx

  2. They're fabulous. I do wish we had something like this in Leeds.

  3. So many zebras!!! They look fun and all so different from each other. I hope you get to find the ones that you missed. x

  4. So many places are doing this kind of thing now, aren't they? In Torbay, three years ago it was gorillas, and this year it's rhinos, to raise awareness of the plight of this endangered specie. Of course, some stupid person had to climb on the back of one of the fibreglass rhinos and damage it, so now it's got those portable railing around it and notice not to climb on it, and another has had a (fibreglass) fly ripped off its nose. What are people like?
    Margaret P

  5. Certainly a colourful and interesting collection!

  6. ... well, I did say in a previous comment, this would be colourful post -and it is!
    Don't they look great, wonderful the work that has gone into them. I like them all but I thought the ZZ top one, just captured the attitude well too!

    Hope your weekend is a good one.

    All the best Jan

  7. WOW,they are Fantastic,love the one with the sailing boats on the ocean.xx