Friday, 23 September 2016

August Bank Holiday Monday

I'm having to go back in time to the end of August for this post.
Our plan for the bank holiday was a train trip to Portsmouth for a little jaunt to Gunwharf Quay. There were two places I wanted to go. First up was a look in the Cath K outlet store to see if I could find anything to spend my birthday money on. Nope, nothing I fancied for me but I did purchase a Christmas present for my friend I so it wasn't a wasted visit. Then it was on to Clarks for school shoe shopping. This was more successful and completed in less than 10 minutes, phew.

Then the next part of our day out saw us boarding the ferry over to Gosport.

S enjoying the ride over the harbour which takes all of about 7 minutes or so.

Here is the reason for going to Gosport, Carter's Vintage Steam Fair were in town.

Clicking on this link will explain why you won't see a carousel at the fair. Interesting stuff.

Now I'm not hugely in to fairground rides normally but I wanted to go on so many of these. Only thing was G and S refused to go on with me. I had to beg S to go on and eventually she agreed to go on two of them and in the end she loved them as much as I did.
First up we went on the chairoplanes. I was grinning like an idiot the whole time I was on this, but I didn't care I felt so happy and carefree.

The other ride was the Whirl Around Twist, this went on for ages and we laughed so much.

Some of the rides we didn't go on were the steam yachts

The giant octopus

The Dive Bombers.
Everything was so brightly painted and seeing it all together and looking so vibrant  couldn't help but feel happy.

How we resisted buying an ice cream from the cutest van ever I'll never know. Actually I do know as we were going to go and treat ourselves to a coffee and cake before we got the ferry back again, so another treat was beckoning.

Even the accommodation for the staff is vintage. Clicking on the link you can see more of what is on offer and they have a handful of dates left for this year before the end of the season and they spend the winter on maintainence.


  1. I think you enjoyed the day out most of all Lisa!!! It looks so retro but you wouldn't catch me going on one of those dive bombers!!! x

  2. They have some wonderful vintage rides don't they! I did know about the difference between carousels and gallopers, but only recently, I assumed they were the same thing. Glad you had a fun time! xx

  3. It looks like a fabulous day out, none of these modern rides which I'm frankly too frightened to go on, these look much more to my taste. Interesting about the gallopers too, I didn't know the difference between them and a carousel.

  4. What a delightful fair. I think I could manage some of the rides !

  5. Fairgrounds as they used to be hustle, bustle and plenty of colour.
    I enjoyed reading the link you gave ... thank you.

    I must admit the older I've got the more 'chicken' I am about going on these sorts of rides.
    Now a miniature train ride (or similar) with the grand-children I thoroughly enjoy.

    Great post, lovely pictures and I'm pleased you enjoyed the day.

    All the best Jan

  6. That looks fantastic. The ice cream van was so cute! I absolutely love chairoplanes. Those diver bomber things look good too - I like the simple, fun rides!

  7. And a good day was had by all.... I love the look of the rides, but I'm not sure I'd be going on any! I love the smell of steam engines, though, so that would be enough for me!