Sunday, 4 September 2016

Zebras - Part Two

Here are the zebras from our first foray into town.
I didn't have my camera and so had to use the one on my phone.

Crystal- this one is S's favourite, all those shimmery colours proved irresistible to my 11 year old daughter.

 Carpe Diem- A beautiful pale blue with koi carp decoration

Zoostar- love the wild animals on this zebra sponsored by Bluestar, a local bus company.

Zeffe- part zebra, part giraffe.

Who's You? -  depicting residents and landmarks of our City including the bridge I walk over to get to work. We liked the nod to the City's historical links with RJ Mitchell and the iconic Spitfire.

Fantastic Mr Fox - what more can be said. A zebra painted to resemble the dapper Mr Fox.

Zebbie-Go-Round - a zebra eating an ice crwam enjoying all the fun of the fair.

Zebraversity- this zebra is beautiful, painted with insects, flora and fauna. Which makes it all the more sad that this was vandalised. Why do people feel the need to do this?

Zycling zebra - a bicycling zebra decked out in lycra.

Skittles - this has to be one of my favourites. A zebra decorated to look like a carousel horse.

Ticket to Ride - the second zebra sponsored by a bus company. Can you believe this zebra was stolen? You can read about it here (and see the actual bridge I walk over to get to work if you are interested). Bad enough that some of the zebras were damaged but really why would steal a zebra.


  1. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favourite. It's so sad that people feel the need to vandalise something like this, never mind steal it, it's sickening.

  2. Oh WOW.Have not visited you for ages.Love the pics so colourful.thanks for sharing.Hope you are all well.xx

  3. I think they are all fantastic, the colours in them are lovely.
    Definitely a sight to see ... should I be in or near Southampton, which alas I don't think I will be.

    Why oh why do people have to vandalise and steal !!!

    Hope the start of school goes well, I imagine it will not be too long now

    All the best Jan

  4. Another great collection! I like S's favourite one too, for all the colours, and I'm also quite partial to zebraversity!

  5. Aren't they fantastic!! I would love to say that one is my favourite, but I think I love them all, just in different ways! Thank you for showing them to us, you did well to track down so many. xx

  6. They are so cool! That crystal one IS particularly funky- not surprised S was so enamoured!