Monday, 12 September 2016

Blackberry Bounty

Definitely a weekend of two halves as far as the weather went.
It started with a miserable, drizzly grey day.
I did a variety of household chores and to get me through the monotony of the ironing pile I watched I Capture The Castle.
Things perked up when it came to the evening as I went out to a school reunion.
I jointly organised one of these 12 years ago and know how much work goes into it and so I felt nervous on behalf of C who did this one. The feeling of wondering if anyone is going to turn up is horrible.
It was a great evening and lots of fun was had by all that went.

Sunday dawned warm and bright and so once the essentials were completed at home we headed out with plastic tubs to do a bit of blackberry picking.

The blackberry bushes grow very near to a private school which opens up it's building and grounds to take part in Heritage Open Day events.
We went along to this a few years ago and thought it would be good to do again and make the most of a sunny afternoon.

This splendid house was once owned by Lord and Lady Swaythling who donated The Swaythling Cup for the men's table tennis world championship which is still being played for today.
I was looking forward to a tour but when we arrived the Southampton Ukulele Orchestra were in full swing out on the terrace. We've seen them several times before at various events and they are so entertaining that we decided to sit in the sun and listen to them.

Once they had finished we wondered off down the Gertrude Jekyll designed garden and it was then S received a text from a friend asking if she was in and wanted to go out with her. I decided the fair thing to do was to leave. I can go back and see the house another time, S was going to be far happier going out with a friend for a couple of hours compared to what I had planned for us.

We managed to fill one tub with blackberries and they have all been washed and frozen ready to use in smoothies. We reckon another foraging trip needs to be made in a couple of weeks when more should be ripe and ready for picking.


  1. It was decent weather here both days over the weekend, which I'm pleased about as it was Mick and Daniel's last cricket match of the season on Saturday. I've never been to a school reunion, not sure I'd want to if the truth be known, I have mixed feelings about my school days. Glad you enjoyed it though, there must have been a lot of reminiscing. You had a lovely day planned for Sunday, it's a shame it was cut short but I'm sure S was pleased that she could spend time with her friend.

  2. Nom, nom, nom I love blackberries, my favourite in with apples in a crumble, yum. Never heard a ukulele orchestra, sounds a fab day xx

  3. Autumn is definitely in the air. Listing to Ukuleles always makes me happy, they just have such a jolly sound! I agree with Cheryl crumble for blackberries .....perfect.
    Anna xx

  4. Glad you enjoyed your reunion.

    Blackberry picking is always fun ... and more to come later in the month maybe!

    All the best Jan

  5. the uke group played at our village music festival and were great. I hope to do s spot of blackberry picking this weekend X

  6. I must pick some blackberries! I love a blackberry and apple crumble!!!