Sunday, 13 November 2016

Mostly a Mess

Finally our little home is looking a lot tidier.
Why is it that when one room is being decorated it affects the whole house?
Yesterday was spent putting S's room back together.
In order for that to happen new furniture was needed which was why last Friday G and S met me from work and we went for a spot of late night shopping in IKEA.
A new bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and shelving unit were purchased and delivered the following day. I did make a couple of other purchases which you could argue weren't strictly necessary but let me tell you that once home again and sat with a cuppa, a couple of those cinnamon rolls certainly went down well.
Also coming home with us was one of their gingerbread house kits, the construction of which has become a favourite festive activity for S.

So this week has pretty much been taken up with S's room in one way or another. The sorting of the contents has resulted in umpteen bags of clothes, books and toys being donated to the charity shop. I've made three trips in all. There was painting to do and of course furniture assembly to complete and then everything had to be put into it's new home after which there was the chaos in the other rooms where items had been stored to deal. Fun, fun, fun!
The room isn't 100% finished, new curtains and bedding need to be chosen and S would like a full length mirror on one of the walls, plus there are hooks to be hung, but it's looking good.
It's difficult to get a good photo but you can get a good idea of the new wall colour from this photo. We spotted the lampshade at the car boot last weekend. S has a real thing for owls and the colour match for her room was perfect and so I was more than happy to part with the £2 asking price.

Down here in the south the weather has been remarkably mild and so I've been lucky enough to still be able to eat my lunch in the park each working day. It's been such a treat sitting in the sun admiring the golden colours of autumn all around me and then kicking up the carpet of leaves as I walk back to work again.

Another small thing which has made me happy this week is cracking open my first bottle of winter spice washing up liquid. I wrote about my love for this last year and I know there are plenty of others out there who share the winter spice love.

One evening when we couldn't face anything to do with decorating we decided to watch a movie instead and plumped for The Trouble With Harry which I had bought a while ago on the recommendation it would be a good one to watch in autumn because it's set in the autumn of a beautiful sun filled Vermont countryside. It's an off beat comedy, not what you would normally expect from Alfred Hitchcock, but it was very funny and just what we needed.

My Mucha jigsaw has been completed. She was tricky to do but she was well worth it as I think she's beautiful. I'll break her up in a day or so and then she'll be donated to the charity shop for someone else to enjoy and I'll start another.


  1. I bet S is thrilled with her room, what a gorgeous colour for the walls, and that lampshade is the icing on the cake. What a great find at the car boot. It got really cold here up north, we even had snow on Wednesday, but it's warmed up a little again. There are some areas on the jigsaw which look very tricky, large expanses of colour are usually much harder than those with lots of different colours.

  2. S's colour choice is lovely. It was so warm yesterday we sat outside for a coffee stop while on a walk.

  3. Hi! I've yet to try one of those cinnamon buns from Ikea. I bet it's very nice. I'll buy some next time we're in the store. I hope S is pleased with her new room. I do love the new paint and the lamp shade was a great find. Enjoy using your Winter Spice it must make washing up much more enjoyable! Have a lovely week! x

  4. S must be so excited about her new room, the lampshade is cute - can't wait to see the end result!
    I went to the Mucha exhibition at The Sainsbury Centre at the UEA earlier in the year. x

  5. I'm sure 'S' is so pleased with her room. It's so exciting having your room decorated and choosing new things ...

    I do so agree though, just decorating one room throws the whole house into dis-array ... which makes it extra special when it's all finished.

    The puzzle looks great and I can imagine it wasn't too easy to do.

    Yes, yes, yes I love the Sainsbury's Winter Spice and a bottle is on my kitchen side!

    Enjoy your week, and long may the mild weather continue so you can enjoy lunch outside!

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  6. A newly decorated bedroom for S - how lovely! I bet she will spend more time in there once it is done. The cinnamon buns look nice I am sure I would have succumbed to buying some too. I must look out for the Sainsbury's Winter Spice washing up liquid. x

  7. Lisa, I soOoOo hear you with the decorating malarkey, but it's well worth it in the end! Always trouble with Hary is one of my all time favorite Hitchcock films, it's so nothing like any of his other films & cinematically it is stunning a real feast for the eyes .....if you love Autumn that is. We also got the gingerbread house kit last year from IKEA, it making of it filled a hole Sunday with giggles. Unfortunately now our nearest store is 3 hours away so we are trying a different one this year, fingers crossed. Have a lovely week
    Anna xx

  8. I know what you mean about the decorating upheaval, the knock on effect is so disruptive. But I bet it felt good to have a massive clear out, and it sounds like S's room is really coming together. I haven't got any Winter Spice washing up liquid yet, but I did treat myself to a nice Christmassy scented candle this week. x

  9. OOOOh, can we see the finished room!??! That's a great light shade! My husband likes owls too!! My house is utter chaos!

  10. I bet Ss new room is lovely, I'm an owl lover and the colour is so pretty. It's always nice to be able to get back to normal after the upheaval of decorating xx

  11. Owls and that beautiful colour blue/green! Are you sure our two aren't slightly related? S has chosen exactly what Sarah picked for her bedroom last year! But owls are a brilliant choice; they seem to be everywhere this year.
    And the cinnamon rolls sound lovely.... it will soon be Christmas!!!