Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Remembering November

As the month draws to an end I need to write up the rest of what we've been up to in November and then my aim is to try and be a bit more on top of things in December.
We'll wait and see if that happens.

My sister T has her birthday on 25th November. I don't find her as easy to buy for as my other sister but whilst out shopping with her a couple of weeks ago in M&S T showed me a mug she was coveting. It's a delicate shade of pale blue, is the perfect shape for cupping hands around and has the cutest bunny ever in raised decoration on the front. I understood instantly why she loved it so much. 
Thankfully she didn't buy it and so a couple of days later I did.
I then teamed it with a woodland animal canvas shopping bag from Store 21 and a notebook from The Works. She was thrilled with it all.

You may remember back in the summer we took mum out for her 70th birthday and as an extra little Christmas gift we thought we would print off some of the photos from our day and pop them into a keepsake album.
When the three of us got together to choose which ones would make the cut (and so veto any that were too unflattering!) our youngest sister C presented each of us with a bracelet.
Being the eldest mine says Big Sis.
T is next so hers said Middle Sis.
And yes you've probably guessed it, C's says Little Sis.
You maybe able to tell from the shape that all slot together around a heart.
It was a really lovely gift to receive out of the blue.

We've had 2 more birhtdays this month, G's mum and sister. A family lunch out was had and tentative plans made for a gathering at Christmas. This year will be a little different as G has to work on Boxing day. My shopping is nearly done and the wrapping has been started. I enjoy all the elements of festive hustle and bustle involved in getting ready for Christmas, but there can be a fine line between that good type and the starting to feel stressed type. So one of the things I've done to help towards not feeling too over whelmed is devising a wrapping schedule. With a bit of luck I'll be sat on Christmas Eve with a bottle of Baileys and not the scissors and sellotape.

Talking of devising new schedules and making time for things, I have been trying to stay away from the internet and my phone as much as possible over weekends.
I have also tried to limit my online time during the week too and one of the things I have started to do is divide up across 5 days all the blogs I follow so I visit everyone once a week. I am finding this much better as I find I am focusing more on what I want to read and do online rather than just flitting around and before I know it an hour has passed and nothing much has been accomplished. I'll see how it goes but as there are other things I want to do and try to make I need to get the balance right.

I'm working myself up to cleaning the dresser in the dining room ready for it's festive makeover. One new addition may be my new toadstool candle holder, 50p from the charity shop I popped into at the weekend when dropping off some items. One of these days I'll develop the knack of just walking out and not being distracted by pretty things on my way to the door.

G and I had a fab night out at the weekend. We went to see Mozart's Requiem performed by the Southampton Philharmonic Choir and the New London Sinfonia. This was a new experience for me. I much more enjoyed the Requiem over the other piece they performed first called I Sing, And Ever Shall, but over all I preferred our night of polkas and waltzes in January 2014.
After the performance we headed out into the cold, took a silly selfie by the Christmas tree and then made a bee line for stall in the market selling cinnamon sugar churros.

This week when changing our bed I put on a new duvet set. It has Christmas trees on one side and snowflakes on the other and is the softest cosiest set we have ever owed. G and I keep talking about how nest like it has made our bed feel. It's made getting up in the mornings just a little bit more difficult.
Melvin seems to like it too.


  1. is it brushed cotton, I'd love a duvet cover like that, may may just stay in bed all day if I do! Beautiful present for your sister and I love the idea of the shared bracelets you all have xx

  2. I can see why T liked that mug, it's soooo cute. What a lovely package you put together for her. Your bracelet's lovely, such a lovely idea for all three sisters to share a piece of the heart. I've got loads to do towards Christmas yet, I've started thinking about it and that's just about as far as I've got. It's a bit different now there's no small children to buy for but I still like to make it special. Such a shame that G has to work on Boxing Day, I hope he's got some time off again afterwards.

  3. That's a really lovely pendant, a wonderful way to show sisterly love. I hope my girls will have the same close relationship when they're all grown up. The toadstool candle holder looks sweet, I'd probably be tempted too if I saw that in a charity shop! Enjoy the rest of your week! x

  4. So much wonderfulness and loveliness! So pleased all round for you. Most of all I really wanted to comment on your thoughts about blog visiting. That really is a great idea of how to approach things. If it is alright with you when I am ready to work out what I am going to do I may copy your idea as I think that could work for me. Like you I am trying to stay "offline" at the weekends, and despite this comment being written in the evening, during the evenings too. I have struggled with how to visit and when and on a rolling basis once a week with extras for five on Friday and the other odd thing would work well for me. Hope you don't mind if I copy. Best wishes for everything. xx

  5. Melvin has the right idea ! The mug is very sweet - hot chocolate I'm thinking and the pendants delightful.
    I spend way too much time on line - I feel a New Year's resolution coming !

  6. Well you are ahead with me on the Christmas planning and preparation. I have now got all of my cards, just need to write them. I've also got some presents - but still need a few more.
    Christmas Eve with a bottle of Baileys ... now for me it will be a nice glass (or two) of wine!

    I do like the mug you got for your sister and the pendants that each of you sisters have is just lovely.

    Glad both you and Melvin approve of your new duvet set, I must say it sounds very comfy.

    Have a lovely December, and enjoy the up-coming weekend too!

    All the best Jan

  7. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Mozart's music is really beautiful and uplifting I find: even a requiem!!! That bunny mug is adorable!!! I love it!!!!xWhat a lovely idea that bracelet is!!#