Thursday, 3 November 2016

Our Week In Mosaics - which includes some mosaics

As I mentioned in my previous post we weren't going to be having our annual trip to the country park for the Halloween trail but we did keep with the second part of that day's activity. On SaturdayS and I picked up my mum and then took ourselves off to Haskins for a hot chocolate and a wander around the Christmas department.

On entering the store you were greeted with a winter white wildlife scene

and then once into the store the main attraction was this huge sleigh and enormous stuffed toy reindeer.
For all the festive glitter and sparkle I can honestly say that I could count the number of decorations on one hand which I would have been happy to buy and hang on my tree.
I remember they had a very poor selection last year too.

Sunday morning we needed to pop into town as S will now be playing hockey during her PE lessons and so needed a gum shield and shin pads. It was such a lovely mild day again and as we still haven't managed a proper autumn walk we took a wander through the parks before we did our shopping. 
A proper crunchy, scrunchy walk through the fallen autumn leaves.

We made an interesting and colourful new discovery in one of the parks. Apparently these mosaics were laid last year, a collaboration between local residents and a local artist to depict the wide range of international heritages of Southampton's inhabitants.

Of course Monday was all about Halloween. G worked his pumpkin carving magic and I'm pleased to say that the pumpkin being sick earned lots of 'yuck' and 'ergh' comments. I had amassed 86 treats for callers, which S gave out this year as she didn't want to go out herself, but we still ran out. We had to ignore the last 2 knocks on our door as the cupboard was bare.

In between trick or treaters we had our own bit of fun posing with these silly photo props.

When I arrived home from work on Tuesday G said there were a couple of treats for me in the kitchen. One was a Portuguese custard tart and the other was this huge leaf. I popped it on the cushion so hopefully you can get an idea of it's size. He had seen it on his way to the train station and knew I would love it so he bought it home to me. Now that's true love. 


  1. The winter wildlife scenes are lovely, a shame about the decorations though. I've got a couple of new ones this year, one we bought in Cornwall of The Snowman, I couldn't resist it. The pumpkins are great, I like the one with the teeth best. We didn't get one trick or treater and I'd bought loads of fun size treats for them, oh well, I'll just have to eat them myself. Awww, you must be in G's thoughts as he walks to work, isn't that nice.

  2. Oh, how sweet is the leaf?????? Adorable! 86trick or treaters??? That's huge-I had none (at least none after I got home at 8o clock after mammoth inset at school). The mosaics are very attractive!

  3. You and your family know how to have fun Lisa! I bet S loved giving out all the Halloween treats. G bringing the leaf home for you was wonderfully romantic! x

  4. Those pumpkins look great! I like the mosaics too. That leaf was a big one, how lovely of G to bring it home for you.

  5. A leaf is sweet. I love giving out Halloween treats... we light a lantern to coax callers in. I also let local mums of young children know they are welcome to call.

  6. Love the gross pumpkin! And autumn is fully here, isn't it?

  7. That is so sweet isn't it and what a huge leaf it is. Loving the pumpkins xx

  8. What a lovely post to read and look at, loved all your photo's - the mosaics look great.
    The idea of "A proper crunchy, scrunchy walk through the fallen autumn leaves," is my idea of Autumnal bliss ... for some reason you just cannot beat it!!!

    86 callers sounds a lot to me, as long as fun was had by all - and I'm sure it was.

    This weekend has been much cooler hasn't it, lots of fireworks around lighting up the sky.

    Hope you have a good new week

    All the best Jan

    PS Love that big leaf ...

  9. Aw, a man that brings you cake and a really beautiful leaf, just because he thought you'd like it...that's so lovely.

  10. Hello lovely, thanks for all your comments, hope you are well!xx