Friday, 28 October 2016

A Different Half Term

These weekly news posts seem to be the norm for me just now.
This one will start with last Saturday.
An exhibition I wanted to see, Love Thy Denim, was due to end it's run at the Winchester Discovery Centre. G didn't want to go and so I took myself off on a solo jaunt.
I spent a very happy hour engrossed in reading all about the social history of this most versatile of fabrics and admiring some of the clothing on display.
The photos here show a Vivienne Westwood denim shirt and the other item is an original 1880's milk maids shirt. I'd be more than happy to wear it now.

Once I had finished there I nipped to CK for a mooch and then onto a couple of charity shops before ending in M&S where I bought myself some lunch. I can heartily recommend this smoothie it was delicious.

The local car boot is now starting a little later at 10am on a Sunday morning, but we were a little late getting started and didn't arrive until gone 11am so we weren't there long.
I bought 2 new dresses for S for a pound each, she chose them.

and another pound was spent on this straw shopper for me.

As you can see it's not only me who likes it.

Couldn't resist this cute deer snowglobe countdown to Christmas chalkboard, it was only 50p. My other sister T has her birthday on Nov 25th, I will start my countdown to Christmas on it then.

Pumpkins have been purchased and they are sat, on the new autumn coloured polka dot tablecloth, waiting to be carved ready for Halloween.
For the first time in many years this autumn half term hasn't seen us go to the local country park to do their Halloween trail, which is why although it's been half term but not felt like half term.

Saying that S has had a marvelous week. She has been out with her friends most of the time, the weather has been glorious and mild which has helped. Tuesday S was with my mum as G and I were working and Wednesday I took her and her friend A into town for a spot of shopping and some lunch. 
I took Thursday off but as once again S spent the best part of the day out and about I had lots of time to myself. I took full advantage of this and managed to crack on and lots of odd jobs done which felt so satisfying.
So here we are now at Friday evening with another weekend stretching ahead of us.
I hope it's a good one for us all.


  1. The dresses are a bargain and I love the straw shopped, I definitely would have bought that.


  2. Love your new straw bag and nice big pumpkins xx

  3. Isn't it amazing and slightly frightening how quickly this half term has gone. Seeing your pumpkins there made me smile ... because two of our grand-children went pumpkin picking today and had the most wonderful time, we are now looking forward to seeing the finished pumpkins!

    Sometimes it's nice to have a day on your own visiting and mooching around a place that interests you. Winchester is lovely isn't it and nice to see those denim pictures.

    'S' made great choices for her new dresses - I love the colouring, and I'm sure she will look lovely in them.

    Enjoy the weekend ... take care

    All the best Jan

  4. I can see you're entering a new phase of your life with S off doing her own thing, it's nice to have more time to yourself but sad too to see the baby of the family growing up and not feeling needed as much. I love both of S's new dresses, they're really lovely and your new shopper, what bargains. Yes, it won't be long now until we're on the countdown to Christmas.

  5. The straw shopper is lovely Lisa. I like your new autumnal tablecloth too. Happy pumpkin carving/eating/displaying!!!

  6. Sounds as though you had a great half term!

  7. Very pretty dresses my favorite is the white one with the pink roses and I LOVE the shopper too!!! I think the dress & shopper would look great together, a bit of 50's glamour.
    Anna xx

  8. The exhibition looks great. You found some lovely bargains. Happy pumpkin carving !

  9. That denim exhibition looks brilliant, I'd like to have seem that. Great car boot finds, especially the basket. You always find such good stuff!

  10. What a bargain your lovely straw shopper was. I would have pounced on that one too. I am an enthusiastic charity shop browser, but have never been to a car boot sale. X

  11. Good bargains as always, Mrs A! And the straw shopper is a cute one! It's funny when you suddenly realise you don't have to lay on entertainment for the kids. We went no where this half term... partly coz I was working, partly because the day I had set aside for time out was spent on a vet's visit.