Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Celebration and Season

Jeepers creepers if I thought the week before G's birthday went quickly this latest one went at double quick speed.
Which can mean only one thing, it's time for another news round up.

Lets wind back to 8th and G's 50th.
As planned it was lunch out with family, all very relaxed and jolly good fun and then back to ours where we were joined by friends.
Lots of cake was consumed and this magnificent creation was the hands down favourite.
It was made by our friend M with help from his young son and daughter.

Do you like the cheeky banner?
I bought a make your own slogan kit from Poundland.
As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted it to say.
G had already had his gift from me (our trip to NY back in April) but he did have a present from the children.
They gave him a chimenea with some mega marshmallows for toasting.

The day following his birthday G asked me what I wanted to do. I answered that as it was his birthday weekend it was for him to choose. He choose to do nothing. He wanted to chill out and listen to music, so he did.
I pottered and did some of my jigsaw, she's beautiful but oh there are so many shades of brown.

Monday I went into town and met with my friend I.
I wore my new favourite autumn outfit. I think the colours are very seasonal. The dress was a £1 buy from the car boot and I think the cardi came as a gift from my sister. I may also be wearing a new necklace. A buttony necklace for 75p was too much for this jewellery magpie to resist.

Talking of autumn, whilst in town that day I found out we now have a branch of Flying Tiger. I picked up a couple of things including these pumpkins. Got to have a bit of seasonal decoration going on indoors.

Carrying on with the birthday celebrations G and I had a night out together on Tuesday. We went to see a trio called the Lounge Kittens, who sing rock and metal songs but in a three part harmony Andrews sister style, but with way more sass. G is the rock and metal love but I loved them and if you want a listen, here's a link. 
Their support act was a chap called Jay Foreman who sang his own comedy songs which were very funny and very clever, especially this London Underground one.

G spent this past Saturday in London. His birthday treat from his sister was a trip to the theatre to see Sunny Afternoon, the story of the Kinks. He said it was brilliant. Apart from the fact a chap who was sat behind them was clearly drunk and talked throughout the first half, when G politely asked him to stop he was rude and then proceeded to eat a bag of crisps extremely loudly. Thankfully he was asked to leave during the interval. 

Of course there has been other non birthday stuff going on during the evenings. 
Evenings which are now darker so much earlier but the plus side of that is we get to put on pretty, twinkly lights.


  1. That sounds like an ideal hyggely birthday weekend to me! I love the banner. The kids keep reminding me that I'll soon be old enough to sign up for the funeral services that advertise on TV... grrr!

  2. It sounds like you have been having a great time recently Lisa! I love what you did with the banner - very clever!!! x

  3. Ha ha, that banner is so funny, and I love the cake, it looks delicious. It sounds like a good birthday weekend for G with celebrations and time to do what he wants to do himself too. Love the twinkly wreath.

  4. I do like your newsy posts.

    Love the birthday banner and pleased all the celebrations and cake etc were all well received and thoroughly enjoyed.

    Always so nice to see twinkly lights, they give a welcoming glow don't they.

    All the best Jan