Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bits and Bobs

We are all toddling away doing our own thing here in the Jumble and Jelly household. 
Nothing especially post worthy in it's own right so a post of bits and bobs for a little round up seems to be the order of the day.

It was G's weekend for working but one day either side he made a start on decorating S's bedroom. It'll look great once it's done but in the meantime half of her belongings are piled on the landing and I'm trying (and failing) to ignore them each time I walk past.

I went out with a couple of friends on Saturday night. First we ate, chatted and laughed and then we saw the new Bridget Jones movie and laughed some more.

Loving my latest necklace purchase. The pink beads are so lustrous. I need to cut back on my spending what with 'that time of year' approaching but couldn't resist this brand new one in a charity shop for the teeny tiny sum of £1.49.

My mum's aunt passed away a few months ago and now her home has been sold and cleared her son asked us if we wanted to go and choose a little something as a momento. I picked out this little lidded glass dish. I love the little addition of the china flowers on top, I have a couple of brooches like that, and I know I will use the bowl in lots of different ways. 

T has been offered a transfer to a store much closer to home. This would cut down on his travelling time but he would have less responsibility which he would miss. He does like seem to thrive on that in the workplace we've noticed, so he is weighing up his options.

I am completely smitten with the new range of foxy items from Asda, not good when I'm trying not to spend. It's those cushions I'm most coveting, the foxy designs and the Stay Home and Snuggle one.

Talking of home, this is what I saw when I came home after work on Friday. Glitter ball sparkles on the kitchen ceiling, what a happy sight.

S is still enjoying school and is out with friends as much as she is able to be. We have had to have a serious chat about homework but with our help she is getting her head around learning to be a bit more organised in her approach with it's completion. One of the changes senior school brings!

These two are starting to spend more time indoors with the steady drop of temperature. Although they are also spending more time out the front of the house (and using the open window as a cat flap) as next door now have two cats who are determined to attack ours on every occasion they possibly can. We now have a spray bottle filled with water which we squirt at them whenever we see them on our garden wall or in our garden.

It's G's 50th birthday this Saturday so that's been keeping my brain busy, thinking of all that needs sorting for it.
We are out for a meal at lunchtime with his family and then back home friends will be arriving for cake. 

I baked this black bean cake because I thought it sounded interesting and it turned out like a brick so needless to say baking a cake for G isn't on my to do list.

Two of my favourite things, blogging and cakes, are combined in a deliciously cosy way on Jo's fabulous new blog how to hygge the british way which I am thoroughly enjoying. I urge you to pay her a visit and give yourself over to making your world a lot more hygge as we go into autumn and winter.

We've started in the perfect way.
Cinnamon pastries. 


  1. What a lovely round up, I love these type of newsy posts. I really enjoyed the other Bridget Jones films so I'll probably see this one at some point too. How lovely that you have a memento of your great aunt, it's a lovely dish and I'm sure it will bring her to mind each time you glance at it. I thought it was good news about T's transfer but it's a bit of a double edged sword, I'm sure he'll make the decision that's right for him in the end. Urggg, homework, I had the same problem with both of my two at various times, Daniel more than Eleanor. I'm sure S will get organised once she's had time to settle in, starting secondary school is such a big event with so many changes, she just needs to find her feet a little. That's a lovely photo of Malcolm and Melvin, poor things having their neighbourhood terrorised by the cats next door. Sending wishes to G for a very happy birthday, I hope he has a lovely day.

  2. Yum, that pastry was a lovely end to your post, made me fancy one! I haven't seen those foxy cushions, they look gorgeous. What a pretty keepsake from your great aunt, a beautiful thing to remember her with xx

  3. Lisa ... what a fantastic round up.
    A friend recently saw the Bridget Jones film and absolutely loved it - so I may just get around to see it - or wait for the DVD to be released!
    Glad S is still enjoying school - I agree once Senior School starts things like homework, timetables etc need to be organised - but I'm sure all will be well.
    Decision time for T - I'm sure he will do what he feels is best for him.
    I do like your necklace and foxy is adorable isn't he!

    Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Birthday to G

    Thanks for such a lovely newsy post

    All the best Jan

  4. It seems you have been doing lots of lovely things Lisa! That necklace was a bargain. I am sure the beads alone would cost more than the purchase price of the necklace! The glass bowl is a fine keepsake. At Christmas you could fill it with battery operated fairy lights or lots of sweet treats! I hope G has a great Birthday weekend. x

  5. I wondered about the new Bridget film, I loved the first one but didn't like the second one so much. I'm so giggling Lisa.... we have had the homework talk in our house a few weeks ago ....must be a High School thing! It is always so nice to pop over and catch up with your everyday adventures, wishing you have a lovely rest of the week!
    Anna xx

  6. That is great for T but a difficult decision! I am glad that S is doing well and hope she gets used to the juggling of tasks! Your necklace is very cool (and edible-looking!))x

  7. A lovely round up Lisa. Happy birthday to G x