Monday, 24 October 2016

My Sister's Birthday Presents

Today is my sister C's birthday and here are her presents.
As per usual all, bar one, came from a car boot, a charity shop or a jumble.
The pink shoes were something C chose herself a few weeks back. Looking at the bottom of them they look like they may have only been worn once, possibly twice. They were £1.00.
 The grey socks are the one brand new item and they also cost £1.00.
The shoe coaster was 30p.

I would be quite happy to keep any of this next little lot. The sundae dishes are originally from Laura Ashley and were £1.58. The cereal bowl was 50p and the heart saucer was 49p.
The fabric the bowl is sat on is a fleece PJ top patterned with scotty dogs and polka dots, another item my sister chose and this was 20p.

Cath Kidston dusters still in their packaging for £1.00.

A pretty wire and beaded heart which can be used to display photos or cards. 
This was also £1.00.

This is the item the above heart is laying on. A furry black gilet for yet another £1.00

This navy cardi is a long skinny one and I like it's delicate pattern. This was a bargain at 20p.

Not a great photo as it doesn't show the subtle colours of this long snuggly scarf and makes it look a bit dirty! This was bought back in January and was 50p.

Nearly at the end now and here we have a beige and black floaty fabric top which cost 20p.

I think is my favourite piece of clothing. The bird and heart motif is just so sweet. This was where the final pound was spent.

As always our budget is £10 and these items tot up to £9.97.


  1. Wow what a haul! She should be thrilled with such bounty. It is my sons birthday today too, so happy birthday to them both. x

  2. Wow, what great bargains you got, i'm impressed!

  3. I like this idea very much. I often include charity shop/vintage finds with my gifts, particularly at christmas, for example, a bottle of home made bramble brandy with two beautiful vintage/charity shop glasses, or a charity/vintage silver spoon with some home made jam. I think these gifts are so much more personal and original than many others x

  4. Happy birthday to C, I hope she has a wonderful day. What a great lot of presents, she must be thrilled with that lot.

  5. That's amazing, I may begin shopping in my local charity shops.......very inspiring.

  6. What fantastic presents, you certainly have a good eye for a bargain xx

  7. I do love seeing what you buy for each other with your budgets. So clever and there is usually at least one thing I lust after! :-) x

  8. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to C.
    What a fantastic selection of gifts ... you do so well, she must be so pleased.

    Good wishes for this week

    All the best Jan

  9. Oh wow, you do SOOO well! I am very impressed!!!! The sundae dishes are so nice as are the sweaters!!

  10. I love the fun you and your sister have choosing bargain gifts for each other x

  11. So many wonderful bargains yet again! I don't think that charity shops near me sell any item for less than £2.00! You have done so well with your purchases. I hope your sister loved them all! x

  12. You do get some brilliant bargains!

  13. Great bargains you picked up especially those dusters! For me pretty dusters are a must they help make cleaning feel less of a chore.
    Anna xx