Monday, 13 February 2017

Pick of Poole

Normally when G has to work on a weekend he takes the following Tuesday as his day off.
Last week he changed it to the Monday so we would both be off together.
There are lots of changes afoot at his place of work (again!), all to do with working patterns and this just might mean that a Monday off together will occur every few weeks.
Watch this space.

Anyway back to last week.
It was G's suggestion we go to Poole.
Neither of us have been for years, decades in fact.
It doesn't take that long to get to either and was easily manageable by train during the school day.
It was a perishingly cold day and all the more so when we got down to the quay.
The cold and the pubs and windows we saw will be my over riding memories of the day.
This is definitely one place which I'm sure is much more attractive to visit during the summer when it is full of the colour and hustle and bustle of holidaymakers.

Here then are the things which caught my eye.
The aforementioned variety of windows.
The first above a closed up shop, the second is also above a shop but which must have been a cinema at one stage I'm sure, the third above a pub.
The large one at the bottom was on a very inviting looking cafe.

The cockleshell history trail can be followed around Poole, this would definitely be something I'd like to do in warmer weather. An grand clock outside a solicitors and advertising on the side of a boat for trips to Brownsea Island, home to red squirrels.
Beautiful tiles on a boarded up pub.

All of these can be found on The Antelope Inn.

Paradise Street is right down by the waterfront which makes me think it probably wasn't very much like Paradise in earlier times, maybe the cockleshell trail will enlighten me. The Poole Arms is the oldest pub on the quay and resplendent in it's vibrant green tiles.

It was wonderful having an extra day out together. I wonder where we'll go next.


  1. How lucky to have a bonus day together, it looks like you made the most of it! It'll be great if it can become a more regular thing for you :)

  2. How lovely that you could get out and enjoy a day together!

  3. I hope you both get Mondays off so you can have days out like this. My husband gets a day off once a week and it's always nice to have a day together to spend and enjoy as we like. x

  4. So nice to have a day together and that you decided to go out.
    I enjoyed looking at your photographs.

    All the best Jan