Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Recent Buys

I will save all purchases for me until the end of the month for a round up but i the mean time I've been lucky enough to find some great buys for other people.
In Poole I purchased two of these polka dot mugs for 50p each.
One will go towards my sister C's birthday haul and the other is sat on my kitchen window sill waiting to be planted with a suitable spring flower.

Another pack of Christmas cards, this time from Oxfam, couldn't resist this handsome stag.

This is actually something G bought now I come to think of it. Looking forward to watching it, has anyone else seen it?

Another Oxfam purchase. £1 for a set of mini crackers will be an ideal addition to my sister T's advent gifts.

After leaving work on Friday I needed to nip into town for a couple of things and spotted the Cancer Research shop was having another of their periodic £1 sales. I picked this up for my sister C. She's going to love it.

I also picked up this silky top for S. She has a couple of these tops and likes the long rectangular sleeve style.

Saturday saw us in Winchester as there was a small art exhibition we wanted to see and then when we went into town afterwards we found the Cancer Research branch there was also having a pound sale. 
So now S also has a pretty sequinned jumper

and blue and grey floral hoodie to add to her slowly expanding wardrobe.

She's looking mighty grown up here too don't you think.


  1. Yes, S looks very grown up especially wearing that silk top. All great finds, by the way. I love the polka dot mug and the coffee pot with the cross stitched words. Very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing all the things you've bought for yourself. x

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth, S is quite the beautiful young lady now, isn't she. I wondered why you were gifting that spotty cup when I know it's just your own taste, you've got one too!

  3. Lisa I have to agree with the other comments here, your girl us looking very grown up and so beautiful.
    Had forgotten that film. I have a copy and loved it! If you go for something light hearted and fun, with a little bit of romance, you'll love it too. I might just find my copy out and watch it tonight. Xx

  4. Very grown up! If you hadn't said it, that was my first thought!

    I love the floral hoodie, it looks like a good blend between comfort and style! And, again, a good haul of things. You must have a massive gift cupboard if you're already thinking of gifts for Advent. Honestly, woman, I'm barely over one Christmas and here you are onto the next.... ;-)

  5. I cannot believe how grown up S looks now! She models her new clothes with such confidence!x

  6. Do you know looking at your post I was thinking how grown up S is looking ... and then at the end of your post you too said it!
    I love her buys they really suit her.

    That polka dot mug is great - what will you plant in it I wonder.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, and happy weekend wishes too.

    All the best Jan

  7. I was just thinking how grown up S looks. You always seem to score at the CS's - I must try harder (or stop just looking at the books!).

  8. Yes she does, I can see how S has grown over your blog, she makes a lovely model xx

  9. I love days when I seem to find bargain after bargain! Your daughter is beautiful! Good to see her face on your blog x

  10. S looks so grown up now! Goodness, she has changed a lot since I have read your blog! Some great bargains and yes to the lovely Polka dot mug for you and your sis!!! Brilliant!!!!

  11. I was going to say how grown up S is too ! Sweet mug & I love the crackers. I haven't seen the film so will be interested to hear about it ! x

  12. Miss Pettrigrew, such a lovely film, one for a Sunday afternoon with a box of chox...

  13. Love the polka dot mug, very pretty.. I hadn't heard of that film I shall have to look it up.