Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Buys

Here are my charity shop buys for February, starting with my most favourite find.
A cute cherry patterned cardigan for £1.00

I much prefer flats to shoes with heels but I already have a pair of these shoes in black which I wear to work and know they are super comfy. When I saw a barely worn pair in dark brown for £3.00 I was happy to add these to my small shoe collection.

A stripy jumper for £1.00.

This cord Monsoon skirt is actually a richer plum colour than the photo suggests. Brilliant buy for just £1.00.

I wasn't sure about this top when I bought it, I liked the style and the shaped buttons are a sweet added touch, it was the colour which I wasn't completely sold on. It was another £1.00 item and so I thought I had just as well give it a go. I wore it this last weekend with jeans and decided it's a keeper.

I don't like wearing sleeveless tops on their own but seeing as I have about 50 cardigans I have more than enough to choose something suitable to wear with this £1.00 purchase.


  1. You've done well with your February buys. I like that last top but I'm like you, I like to keep my arms covered up.

  2. All great buys. The cherry patterned cardigan is my favourite, too, and the shoes are fantastic value for just £3. x

  3. What a good haul, some really lovely pieces, I especially like the skirt xx

  4. You always do so well with charity shopping and bargains!

  5. Love all your buys Lisa. The pink cardigan is worth the price for the buttons alone! x

  6. Some great buys and I just love the look of the cherry patterned cardigan.

    Wishing you a happy month of March (where did January and February go?)

    All the best Jan

  7. Ooh, you did well! The brogues are my favourite item!