Thursday, 2 March 2017

Warning- This Post Contains the Word Christmas

Yes I know it's only March, but I just had to share in case someone finds this useful.
I was shopping in Tesco a day or so ago and saw they had quite a few of these miniature mirrors for sale at a vastly reduced price of 50p each. They measure (approx) 16cm by 10cm and as you can see one of them found it's way into my trolley.
If only they had been around when I was compiling this White Christmas gift. Lots of people, in blogland and 'real life' commented on what a lovely gift they made which is why I thought I would post about the mirrors now, just on the off chance it should prove to be useful to someone else.


  1. I shall look out for those when I go shopping, thanks for mentioning them.

  2. It always is a good idea to keep eyes sharp ... just in case there are some good buys, like this one, around.

    All the best Jan

  3. That's sweet! I'm certainly the type of person that buys gifts far in advance and when I actually see them.x